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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dr 3I V3

Dr3I V3 is the best mouse avoidance game I've played. Flash based, you need to avoid the walls and other objects in order to get to your goals.

But this avoidance game is tricky. First, the field is moving, making it a side-scrolling game. Second, you need to collect all the + and - dots on the screen. These dots affect the gameplay, however. The pluses will speed up the moving objects, while the negatives, slow them down. And then there's the beast.

The beast is a gaseous cloud that chases you down. So, you're never able to sit still and wait. You will be kept moving (probably in circles) and more importantly, you won't be able to just move into some small crawl spaces, since the beast will trap you inside. Oh, and did I mention every time you hit a plus sign, the beast will get faster and bigger? Negative signs have the opposite affect.

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Play Dr3I V3 at mach-parat.

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