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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Sign up to Rhapsody (aff), part of the Real network to get access to more than 100,000+ albums, 70,000+ artists and 2,000,000+ songs. They also have over 100 ad-free radio stations.

Other nice features include a 14-day free trial, sharing playlists with your friends and you can save 10% on music downloads.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Bowmaster is for all of you 'defend your castle' addicts out there. Better gameplay with more options make this an all around good game to play (all day long). XP upgrades, archers, catapults, more power, more weapons, etc... Defend your town (and castle) from the invading armies.

Pull back the green dot and let it fly (hold down the left mouse button, pull back and then let go) to fire on the approaching army. Buy archers and catapults to fire at will, but don't forget to use the aiming buttons for them. Also, upgrade their rate of fire in order for these backups to become truly useful.

While I found this game fun, I have to admit, some parts were frustrating. On some levels, the opposing catapults could hit my townspeople before I could do anything about it. Also, the ogres can be too slow. Waiting for that last big guy to come in range can be boring.

One really nice thing is how you can close out and start back up with all your xp back. You need to repurchase everything you had before, but not having to start over at level 1 is a really nice feature.

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Play bowmaster at lostvectors. Other great games from lostvectors include: red dragon and gunmaster urban warfare. You might recognize a few characters in the new game taken from the old ones.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ice Hockey SuperLeague

Ice Hockey Super League is a straight up slap shot game. Hit the puck as it crosses in front of you. Knock in goal after goal or target the defense. Take down the defensive player and then hit'em again when they are down.

Charge up your shot by holding down the left mouse button. The longer you hold it, the harder you'll hit. But, if you hold it too long, your shot will go up and you won't be able to score a goal.

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Play Ice Hockey Super League at 2dplay.

Monday, August 28, 2006

War by U2

Sorry if you keep getting this in your RSS reader... I'm testing something out.

Play War by U2 at rhapsody.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Board Dots

Board dots is quite the puzzle game. All you have to do is fill in the square by moving the dot around the square. But it's a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Go ahead, skip to the bottom and click to the link and try it out. I have a walkthrough below for each level if you get stuck, though.

Below I have a walkthrough for each level I've done (It took a long time for me to figure out each level!). What I do is point out the starting point by using (x,y) terminology, where (1,1) is the bottom left square, (1,2) is the square above it (and so (2,1) is the square to the right of (1,1)) and (5,5) is the top right square (in the 5x5 square... later levels have larger squares).

Level 1: Start at (3,5) and go right, down, left, etc...

Level 2: Start at (2,2) then go left, then down, right, up, left ...

Level 3: Start at (3,2) then go right, down, left

Level 4: Start at (2,3) then go right, down, left ...

Level 5: Start at (3,2) then go right, up, right ...

Level 6: Start at (5,5) then go left, down, right ...

Level 7: Start at (3,4) then go right, down, left ...

Level 8: Start at (2,5) then go left, down, right ...

Level 9: Start at (3,3) then go right, down, right ...

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Play Board Dots at boredmuch.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Romanius starts off with a lone hoplite survivor who's looking for revenge against the three cyclops who have organized an army and destroyed the hoplites home village. Take control of this hoplite and them down.

Directions are simple. Use the a to attack, s to jump and d to defend. Use the arrow keys to move left or right. Hit the space bar to use the blue jars (kill all on the screen, unless they are really big, in which case it still does damage).

Tips and walkthrough: Hold down the d key until you are ready to strike. Time the incoming arrows and strike only when you won't be hit in return. Same thing applies to the 'goliaths' <- my name for the larger soldiers. Let them hit you (you are holding the d key) and immediately hit them back. As long as you are holding the d key down, you will return to a defensive pose before he hits you again, which means you won't take any damage.

If you are stuck on the cyclops, here's how I killed him: Jump up to the two swinging boards. Stand on the one to the left. After the cyclops throws his stone, immediately jump up to the swinging board to the right. Then jump off that board to the right, hit the a key to hit the cyclops, then move back to the left to land back on the swinging board. Move back to the board on the left. Repeat this until he's dead.

I didn't hit him everytime I jumped out at him. Also, don't get greedy and try to hit the cyclops twice in a row. If he swings that rock at you for a hit, you'll be in a world of hurt. If you fall down, jump back up to the swinging boards as fast as you can. You probably won't be fast enough to avoid getting hit at least once.

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Play romanius at 2dplay.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Toon Crisis

Toon Crisis from killer viral is a fun shooter. Use your best weapon from when you were a kid (your pointed finger) to take out the bad guys (toons). Get blasted by some manic music (gets annoying after a while, but you can shut it off) and, if you finish (and you should be able to fairly quickly) you get a nice download screensaver (if you want).

Take out the worms quickly. The shots they fire at you can hurt. Also, hit the boxes for power-ups and extra lives. The final boss takes quite a beating to kill off, but I'm sure you can do it.

My final score: 42980.

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Play toon crisis at tooncrisis. (Thanks to jayisgames for pointing this game out).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lenny Loosejocks goes to Pluto

In his latest adventure, Lenny Loosejocks is off to Pluto to disarm the bomb. A relatively simple point and click adventure, you must figure out the hidden puzzles to complete the game.

Hints: When you go down the first elevator, notice the lines on the wall? That's a nice map of the base you're in. Also, your final rank depends on how quickly you can finish the level. So, find the bomb, disarm it and then get back out to your ship as quickly as you can.

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Play Lenny Loosejocks goes to Pluto at ezone.

Stuck? Here's a walkthrough for you.

After landing go right. Move the lever to go down (see the map on the wall?). Go right through the water, then right again. Click the lever to go up. Head right. Make sure the arrow on the lever is pointing up. Go right. Click on the lever to go up. Go left. Click on the lever to turn the heating machine off. Go right. Click on the lever to go down. Go left. Click the lever to light up the down arrow. Go right. Click on the lever to go down.

Notice the doorway to your right? It's closed. Go left. Click on the lever to open the door. Go right. GO right again to go through the doorway. Keep going right over the frozen ice (you turned off the heat, so the water froze).

Disarm the bomb by making all the squares green rather than red.

Go left to the elevator (a few rooms). Click on the lever to go up. Go left, turn the arrow up. Go right, go up the elevator. Go left, turn the heater back on. Go right, go down. Go left, go left, go down. Go left, and left again through the waterfall (btw, you had to turn the heater back on because this waterfall would be frozen and you wouldn't be able to pass through it). Go up, go left and take off.

Of course, if all you do is follow the walkthrough, you'll miss out on some fun stuff. So take a look around, too.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Have you ever wondered how computers decide on what move to make next when you play chess against it? attempts to show you graphically how the computer lays out all the possible moves and decides on the future likelihoods of what's your most likely move and how best to counteract it.

If you like playing chess against the computer, this may be a lot of fun for you to see. The picture I have here shows (very early in the game) how many moves are possible and which ones are most likely.

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Play Chess at

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tube Racer

Race down the tube in Tube Racer. Shoot the tube on your board as obstruction after obstruction pops up in your way. Roll, duck and jump over each one, otherwise you'll end up flat on your face.

Tips: Staying ducked is a good strategy for a short time. You can still move left and right, but you can't jump. Also, don't worry if it takes a few tries to get used to the controls. I kept wanting to use the space bar to jump. Use only the arrow keys to move around.

Warning, as with most simple game, this one can be addicting.

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Play Tube Racer at venusarcade.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Clock Tournament

Clock tournament is a sidescrolling clock-themed shooter with Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Defend the Base, and Team Deathmatch modes. Inspired heavily by Soldat. Similar to a sideways Counter-Strike.

I've never been good at these types of games, so I can't give many tips. Just frag the clocks as quickly as you can. You get to choose between six different weapons, the respawning rate is fairly quick. And it's just plain fun to play.

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Play Clock Tournament at briancable.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Doctor Who Cyberman Game

The Doctor Who Cyberman Game is a mixture of so many games, I'm sure I'm missing some of them. Between Risk, top down shooter, rock paper scissors, etc... they've managed to put together a top rate game.

You start out with some territories (think Risk map with more shipping routes) and your opponent (the cybermen) also start out with some territories. You can either attack your opponent, attack a neutral country, or you can recruit. Keep in mind that you have the opportunity to move armies from one country to another every turn.

If you attack a neutral country, you take it over automatically. Attacking (or defending against) the cybermen opens up an attack window in which you can see your armies. In a game of rock, paper, scissors your choices decide the outcome of each battle. You can attack, defend or outflank your opponent. Attack is strong against defend. Defend is strong against outflank. And outflank is strong against attack. If both armies are destroyed, the country will revert to neutral.

Once you've taken over one of their main countries, you have the option of attacking their bases. In a top down 3D shooter, you need to make your way through the simple maze to the transmitter. Destroy all the transmitters to win the war. It can take a lot of hits to destroy a base defender. You may be better off just avoiding them, if you can. If you can't avoid, try to get your opponent stuck on a wall. Then you can fire away at them for however long it takes. Control your hero with the arrow keys and fire with the ctrl key.

Each time you take a turn to recruit, every country you occupy gets a new army. Which is why it's so important to keep in mind you can move once every turn.

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Play Doctor Who: Cyberman Game at bbc.


Make-a-snowflake with some nice flash technology. Cut (and undo your cuts) to make a snowflake your mother would be proud of.

If you've ever cut a snowflake out of a piece of paper, you know what to do here. Go ahead, see how artistic you can be!

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Go Make a Snowflake at lookandfeel.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hapland Video Walkthrough

Have you tried to play the original Hapland, but can't seem to figure out what to do next. Perhaps this video will help you out.

If you're looking for other Hapland solutions, there's Hapland 2, Hapland 3, and Escape from Rhetundo Island.

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BTW, I didn't create this video. I just found it at youtube.

Security 2

Security 2 is a game of stealth. Avoid the guards and cameras to successfully complete each level. Don't walk directly underneath any cameras. They have motion sensors. You can tell which way the guards are looking, but don't walk into them from behind, either.

A nice touch: If you are caught, you have to escape from jail to continue the game.

Do yourself a favor, and figure out how you are going to attack each level before you get moving. Getting stuck between a guard and a camera is never fun.

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Play Security 2 at freeonlinegames.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Ant Tracks

Ant Tracks starts up as the ant colony returns home after a successful foraging trip. With leaves, bugs and slugs in tow, the ants just want to store their booty in the right place. That's where you come in. Point them in the right direction while avoiding the nasty dragonflies, spiders and insect eating plants in this 20 level puzzle game.

Click on the arrows to point your ants in the right direction. If the ant places his booty in the wrong storage hole, it (and the ant who put it there) will be rejected quite forcefully. Also, click on the various enemies who come calling to get them out of the way before they take one of your ants off to lunch.

The music is good and the gameplay is fun. The graphics are great, with a real attention to detail especially in the background. The only real issue I had was hitting the dragonfly (in the nose). Sometimes it worked, other times it didn't.

It reminds me of the package transport game that came out a few years ago. You had to get the packages to the right ship, truck or plane based on its color coding. I enjoyed that game, but this one is better. For instance, if you fail to make your quota in this game, you don't have to start over from the beginning level!

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Play Ant Tracks at fingertime games. Thanks go to jayisgames for finding this game.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Animated Puzzle

This puzzle is similar, but with a huge twist, to a lot of other jigsaw puzzles I've seen in the past. The image within the puzzle is animated, making it both harder and easier to find the pieces you need to fit into place.

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Take a look at this animated jigsaw puzzle.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mercury Drops

Mercury Drops is a surprisingly fun, but simple game. Your objective is to survive by acquiring other mercury drops. The trick is, if you merge with another drop that is bigger than you are, you're the one that gets merged.

Simply point your mercury drop (marked by the star in the middle) in the direction you want using the mouse. There's no need to click.

Like the survival fish games, where you need to eat the smaller fish while avoiding the larger ones, this game is surprisingly fun. What's different about it this game is the levels. You have to beat each level as it comes, and what's worse is the more drops there are, the more likely a bunch of drops will merge on the other side and soon become too large for you to avoid or win.

Categorize this under: Arcade (I'm not sure it fits under any of my definitions, and so Arcade it is).

Play Mercury Drops at quickflashgames.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Twinoo excercises your left and right brain. Can you handle the strain? The left side gives you simple math problems, the right side has you match colors. The difficult part? You have to do both at the same time.

The timer runs out quickly, but at least at the beginning, you should have enough time to do one side, then the other, then go back, etc...

Really addicting and frustrating at the same time. I keep messing up the color matching, not because I'm rushed, but because I just get it wrong!

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Play Twinoo at tetris1d.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Grow Nano Vol.1

The next version of Grow Nano is out. Grow nano vol.0 made you click the spots as quickly as you could. This time, you have to hunt and click each spot.

Tips and Help: Turn the sound on (put your headphones on if you have to). As you run along the surface, or just off the surface of the building you are creating, if your mouse runs over a clickable spot, you'll hear a sound. Which, if you're like me and running the mouse all around trying to find it quickly, can be very helpful, since the sound comes up faster than the circle image.

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Play Grow Nano Vol.1 at eyezmaze.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Haluz - Walkthrough

Haluz was obviously inspired by samarost and samarost 2. A point and click adventure and puzzle game, it's a nice visual escape for a short time. Help your little green hero retrieve the satellite dish from the large bird who has stolen it.

If you get stuck, I'll post a walkthrough below.

This was a fairly fun puzzle game, although there are a couple of really annoying points where it's almost impossible to get the object into the right spot (i.e. the ruler near the end). It's also pretty short, but the visuals are excellent.

Thanks go to jayisgames for pointing out this game.

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Play Haluz at

Another similar game to samarost was recently created called (not as well done) wogger. Other recent point and click adventure games include Smart Stick Adventures 2 1/2, Hapland 3, and Puzzleland.

After the opening sequence ends, click on the doors of the smoke house on the right side. See the cheese? Move it to the smaller of the two holes on the right side of the cliff. A snake will extend to eat the mouse that comes to eat the cheese. Your hero will walk across the snake and scare off the bird. The chase is on!

After you crash land and fall out of the parachute click on the peg holding the rope. Move it to your crashed rocket to creat a support. Then click on the platform (lift) to move your way up.

See the windmill? Click on it, but wait, the local resident protests you stealing his windmill. You need to distract him first. Wait for him to come back out and run to the outhouse, then click on the windmill again. After the fall, click on the windmill and move it to the back of your rocket. Click on the engine from the lift and move it into your rocket. You now have a boat.

In the next scene, you'll see a tuba sitting atop a snail. Click on it to get eaten by the snake. Cross the electric wires (red and green) and click in the center of the far right wheel on the treadmill to move to the right side.

You can then play snake charmer by turning on the music box. Click on the boom box and fix the tape so that it can play. Click on the switch to get it to play (notice how the snake moves its head way up?. Place feather on to the pole, then place the pole on top of the snake. Play the music. You'll get sneezed out.

Move the feather onto the fire. Click on the flower on the right hand side to get the hummingbird to fly over and blow the smoke to the left. Click on the tuba to get the snake to come back out. He'll be stunned by the smoke and your hero will jump onto the back of the snail/tuba.

Grab the larger birds fishing rod and attach it to the head of the snail. Grab the light that was sneezed out of the snake and attach it to the pole. Your snail will move out and up the tree.

(Almost done!) Once you've stopped moving, click on the hole to the right to get your hero to jump in it and climb up to the hole at the top. Click on your hero to make him move back into the hole and move out onto the top of the branch. The bird will be scared off.

Click on the spoon. Move the satellite dish into the spoon. Place both of the razor blades onto the back of the spoon. Place the ruler onto the middle of the spoon (it took me a while to find the right spots for these objects). Place the nail in the center of the ruler/spoon to attach it. Click on your hero. He'll float home on his newly made glider. Enjoy the ending.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tom and Jerry: Mouse About the House

Help Jerry avoid Tom (and other obstacles) and make it all the way to the cheese feast in the fridge. For the most part, Tom is like any other cat, so if you avoid walking right into his lap, he'll sleep while you stroll on by.

You have six objects on each level. Place them carefully, and they can help you avoid the worst of the obstacles. Get the most points by collecting the cheese in order. As each level starts, read the description on each object to get a good idea of when to use them by hovering over them and reading the description.

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Play Tom and Jerry at gamezhero.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Poom is a simply maddeningly addictive 3-d game that's as simple as you get. Simply keep the ball bouncing in the 3-D box. But it's tough to get the right square under the ball.

Look for the shadow on your platform. Get the ball to bounce higher by having it bounce off the bullseye. Coins and treasure chests give you more points.

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Play Poom at GotUsed.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trapped - Walkthrough

Trapped is another in a long line of 'help, I've woken up and I don't know where I am click your way to freedom puzzle games'. This one is a little different though. With an actual plot and a switch at the end into a shooter (although it's very easy to shoot your way out), this one is a little better than most.

This time, you've woken up in a bathroom, the door's locked, and you don't know how to get out.

Spoiler alert!

Walkthrough follows!

Turn up the volume (if you have it turned off, a lot of the story will be lost on you).

Turn on the light. Pick up the stocking on the sink. Turn right and pick up the bible (surprisingly, you remember that you aren't a christian, although you still don't know your name). You can read the instructions on the wall and take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Turn back and look down to get the wallet. Take the fake finger out of the wallet.

Turn to the toilet, click on the matchbook (matches will fall to the floor). Look down to pick up the matches under the toilet.

Click on the nail over the poster to see the safe.

Click on the matches then the matchbook. Light the match, then 'close' the matchbook. Click on the finger and then light it on fire with the lit match. An object will be revealed that you can use to pick the lock (not the door to the balcony).

Open the door. Click on the stocking to cover your face.

Talk to the guy with the gun. Tell him you have everything under control.

Close the door, then click on the drawer to get the screwdriver. Look to your left. Click on the vent to look in.

Turn left again. Free the housekeeper. Talk to her (click on the face up above in your inventory). Keep talking to her until everything has been said.

Go back to the bed and unscrew the bracket holding it to the wall. Go back to the housekeeper and ask her to help you move the bed. Get the key from above the bookcase.

Go back into the bathroom. (Forget something?) Click on the door back in to the room (He'll refuse to go). Turn to the balcony door and use the key to get out.

You'll get shot at this point. Click on the guy who shot you to change into his clothes. Click on the rope to go down. Kill the snipers.

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Play Trapped at armorgames.