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Friday, September 29, 2006

Tanked Up

Tanked up is the newest game from miniclip created by nitrome. Race around the track in tanks. Either shoot your way to victory, or let the track blow up your opponents. But either way, you still need to be the first to cross the finish line.

It takes time to master aiming, shooting and driving at the same time. Do yourself a favor and concentrate on the driving. The best strategy is to get in front, then stay there. Once you fall too far behind, you probably won't be able to catch up.

Don't get caught up in any pile-ups. The AI in the other tanks aim for you first. Also, don't get caught up in a one-on-one firefight. It's a losing proposition, even if you do blow up the other tank (and it takes a long time to blow up a tank), the other racers will have finished by the time you're done.

The first few levels are easy to beat, but once the track starts taking aim at you, it becomes harder to finish.

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Play Tanked Up at miniclip.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Swords and Sandals

Swords and Sandals is a gladiator fighting game. Build your customizable character up the way you want to. Arm and armour him and then place him in the ring to fight his way up the ladder.

What I like about this game is the customisation possibilities. Your character is definitely your own. You can also create leagues, but with a brand new game you aren't going to see many others online, yet.

What I don't like. Once you're dead, you have to start over from the beginning. I can understand losing something, falling back a few levels. But to work your way up through the riff-raff again is a real pain.

Tips: It seems building up your strength at first is really important, but I haven't played enough to truly determine a great strategy. You'll have to find it on your own.

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Play Swords and Sandals at playaholics.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Orbus is an RPG game from gamegarage (I have the link from freeonlinegames). Choose your character and play through the adventure. A side-scrolling adenture that will keep you entertained for a little while at least.

It's an interesting set of characters. Choose from a fighter, alchemist, traitor and jester. Each has his own attacks, strengths and weaknesses. But each is amusing in their own way.

Use a and s to hit your enemies (left and right arm). d is your action key (talk, pick up, go up ladders). Use the arrow keys to move around, and the down arrow to use your special attack (I kept trying to duck and ended up wasting all my manna). f opens up your inventory, while g lets you look at your stats.

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Play Orbus at freeonlinegames.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Ellipsis is a defend yourself center game with blocks. Just shoot any blocks that fly around the screen, making sure none of them run into your circle that starts out in the center.

Strangely addicting, this game is a slight twist on an old type of 'defense' game. Your circle will be beset by various blocks ranging from the those that are just plain hard to see, those that are hard to hit (avoids your mouse), quick moving, shatter into 10 new targets, etc... There are even some blocks that will start pulling you out of the middle (closer you get to the sides, the harder it becomes to shoot down the blocks before they get to you.

Hint: If you want an easier game, turn off the 'debris' with the small button on the top right. Without the debris to distract you, you'll have an easier time picking your targets.

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Play ellipsis at armorgames.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Airport Security at Shockwave

Airport security is a lot harder than it looks. Keep up with the long lines and quick changing security risks and you may last longer than a two minutes in this game from shockwave. But don't think for a moment it's going to be easy. Changes to the airport security rules will start drive you mad as you tell a person to proceed with their pants on, just as pants are ruled a security risk, giving you a bad rep.

As each person comes through, you need to check their baggage for any 'risky' items. You also have to clear each person (usually taking off some bit of clothing at the same time). Keep track of the items that have been deemed security risks, but don't take away anything that isn't on the list.

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Good luck playing airport security at shockwave.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Sling lets you play as a blob of goo. Your job is to retrieve the element of slime stolen from your world by thieves from another dimension. You do this by following them through the maze of the other dimension, hopping from 'grab' to 'grab'. Avoid the bad guys, turn all the grabs green and then get back to the warp point to move on to the next level.

This is quite a fun little game, with funny interludes and amusing voice overs. With 50 levels to conquer, you could be playing for a long time.

There's a nice tutorial at the beginning to get you started.

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Play sling, an edis brothers game at ezone.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

3D Roll On

3D Roll on is a marbles game with nice 3D graphics and smooth (if repetitive) sound. Get your marble to the goal, picking up any bonuses that come along, while avoiding the warps, spin outs and other traps.

The 3D graphics are great for a flash game. Wonderful detailed background images distract you from the simple, but challenging gameplay. This is a game that can teach you about patience, so take it slow and get it right.

This is a trial version, with a full 50 level game you can purchase. I wasn't tempted to do so.

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Play 3D Roll On at miniclip.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Panic is space invaders with a twist. Shoot down the targets without letting them hit you. The faster they are moving and the higher they are when you hit them, the more points you get.

This is a casual, quick game to play. There's not much to it. Use the mouse to control your fighter. Move under the moving targets and fire when they are near to the top of the screen to score well. In each level, more targets will appear. Don't expect to get beyone level 13 or 14 if you're lucky.

The graphics are simple, the music is retro. All in all, not a bad game to waste a few minutes with, but you probably won't play more than a few times.

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Play panic at coin-op. Thanks go to jayisgames for pointing this one out.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Infect the red blood cells as quickly as you can to move on to the next level. You control a virus attacking the body. You want to increase your ability to reproduce and defend yourself against the white blood cells who want nothing more than to eliminate you from the blood stream you have infected.

It's a pretty simple game with a straightforward objective. Simply move your virus onto a red blood cell to infect it. Your objective each level is to infect x number to move on. In between levels, you can upgrade your virus capability to defend itself, damage others, or reproduce.

The soundtrack is fun and the graphics are nice (not stellar, but what do you want from a flash game?). You may become addicted.

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Play Infect at arcadexl.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RC Time Trial

RC Time Trial pits you agains the clock as you race around the garden in your back yard. Build up your RC to your specs and then get out there and race.

I'm not sure how if how you build your car makes a difference except in its looks, so choose what you like. The controls (arrow keys) are almost too responsive. I found myself overcompensating on turns again and again in an effort to stay on the track. In order to score, you have to finish the laps in under 3 minutes, so race faster!

This is a time trial, so I kept looking for shortcuts. I haven't found any that work. Sometimes the jumps aren't worth it (except for fun). It may be easier to just race around them instead.

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Play RC Time Trial at miniclip.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Onslaught Invasion: Shoot the little army guys

Onslaught Invasion: Shoot the little army guys is a well designed shooter. Your being invaded by little army guys and its up to you to defend the beach. Defend your spot against the hordes of invading army men, planes, tanks, etc...

I really enjoyed playing this shooter, but the little quote that pops up fairly often got annoying after awhile. I was hoping to find a button to shut off just the quote, and leave all the other sound effects.

The planes don't necessarily shoot at you, so if you're feeling cramped by the invading men, choose wisely. If it drops a bomb, you can still shoot it down before it hits you. Also, you can sink the ships dropping off the men if you hit it enough. They are tough nuts to crack, but you can do it.

Use the mouse to aim and fire. Each level gets progressively harder, so don't expect it to last forever.

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Play Onslaught Invasion: Shoot the little army guys at gaingames.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Play All the Right Reasons by Nickelback at rhapsody.


Extrajetzt is basically Mario Kart online. Drive around the course launching your special weapons when appropriate to beat the others around the course. It may take a few rides around the kiddie course to get it down, but the old reflexes will come back to you.

You can play as a blueberry, cherry, etc... The witches hat is a nice power up since it drives you around the course for a short time automatically, but the mushroom is a killer.

The directions are in dutch (I think), but the controls are simple. Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to activate your special weapon.

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Play Extrajetzt at fastroots.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Prince of War

Prince of War is an almost complete clone of the Battle for Gondor. Take your hero through several stages, battling everything from orcs to dragons and golems. Your job, as before, is to make sure no peons get through to the other side. Also, you have to choose when and which support troops you want to call up. Keep in mind each trooper costs money.

Despite being almost a complete clone, the changes make this game worth playing even if you did play battle for gondor. Your hero can now battle all creatures on the screen. Also, he can be hurt and healed (costs money). There's a more coherent story line, with nice breaks in between each battle.

Call in each trooper using '1-9'. Attack using space bar and heal yourself using the shift key. Use the arrow keys to move around and don't become so involved in the main battle you let any peons sneak by.

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Play Prince of War at armorgames.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jail Break - Walkthrough

Jail Break has ten levels of jail action. Your job is to run errands for your boss. If you get them all done, he'll take you with him when he breaks out of prison. Fail and its the showers for your (mature audiences only, please).

I'll update the Walkthrough as I get to each level -- if you already know how, then please post the way through:

Level 1: is fairly straightforward. Avoid the guards and sneak into the next cell. Avoid the squeaky floor just inside the second cell and you should be fine.

Level 2: Walk to the next cell and get your prize. But the guards react quickly. Avoid the first one as he walks in by moving to the top right of the cell. After the second guard runs to the right, run after him and back into your cell. Do it quickly before the guard turns around and spots you.

Level 3: Lights out. Look for the light on the desk. Switch it on. Then read the note on the desk. Solve the puzzle ('e') and then look under the pillow for your prize.

Level 4: Sink the balls in a game of pool. You only have 80 seconds, so don't try to kill the ball every time. Charging up takes too much time.

Level 5: Get to the medic. When the first guard looks down, run past him from above. The second guard takes a stroll down the hallway. Follow up a quarter of the way down, then stop. As the guard returns, he'll be looking to the left (turning slowly). If you stay to the right, you should be fine. Wait for the third guard to look down, then run past him from above. Jump over the trip wires using the space bar (hint: give yourself a moment to jump into the air, then move). After the doc looks at the package, escape in the same manner, although you'll have to stay to the left for guard two.

Level 6: Pass the exam by cheating. Get to the off colored student at the front of the room while avoiding the gaze of the teacher. If you passed the previous 'avoid the guard' levels, you'll know how to do this one as well.

Level 7: Pass your own math exam. Every wrong answer adds 5 seconds to your score. You need to be under 45 seconds to pass, so take your time and get the answer right. There seems to be a random component here to the order of the questions.

Level 8: Get the book. Answer the question (for me it was noble gases) and then note where the red book is (4th shelf from the left). But you can't reach that high. Use the space bar to spread some dust around from the shelfs to the right. Once enough dust flies, Dave will leave. Go over and pick up his chair. Put it down next to the book you want to read. Then get the book and leave.

Level 9: Open the safe. Look at the title of the book. What year did the battle take place? Since there are multiple books and multiple battles, you'll have to find this one on your own.

Level 10: Park the car in the spot, then run to the gate. Exit. (I don't know why you can't crash the car into other police cars. Seems silly to me. You are blocking the cops in, right?) Congratulations, you made it through.

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Play Jail Break at mousebreaker.

Zoo Panic

Zoo Panic is all about how good you are at navigating crowds.

When you were a kid, you used to zip between the adults blocking your view, right? Well, now's your chance to relive your glory days. Your objective is to view the giraffes at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, there's a big crowd at the zoo today, so you need to make your way to the top of the screen without bumping into other people.

Bump into people and your stress level goes up. Bump into too many people and the result will be a full blown panic attack. And we don't want that, hmmm?

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Play Zoo Panic at freewebarcade.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

World Defense

World Defense may be a misnomer for this game since you want to defend your buildings, not your world. Meteorites are bombarding your world, which is fine as long as they don't hit your buildings. So, try to turn your world in the right direction to avoid those nasty rocks.

Use the left mouse button to hold on tight to your world. Turn it in any direction to avoid the incoming meteorites. Each level gets harder, with more incoming rocks to avoid. Build up your points so you can buy the upgrades. Although the radar didn't help me all that much. I did like the super ozone upgrade, though. It was definitely a big help in the later levels.

While I wasn't very excited by this game, it was amusing enough to entertain me for a short time. I had to turn off the music, though.

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Play World Defense at armorgames.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Chaos Faction

Chaos Faction is a fighter with 15 levels (3 you need to unlock) with multiple weapons that drop out of the sky. Hit your opponent with everything but make sure to duck (puts up a shield) when he brings out the big guns.

Lots of variety in weaponry, from magic to a board with a nail in it to an RPG to mines give this game a lot of excitement. If all else fails, just hit him with your fist. Different backgrounds and opponents give each level a different feel. Just don't drop off the edge.

One small complaint... If you have the same character as your opponent, it's just about impossible to tell them apart.

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Play Chaos Faction at armorgames.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Submachine Zero: Ancient Adventure inclluding Walkthrough

A short but very good point and click game out of the JayisGames Casual Gameplay Competition. Find your way to the jewel of wisdom by finding the bits and pieces you need to advance. Similar to 'escape the room' adventures.

In case you are stuck, here's a walkthrough for you.

Start off in front of the doorway. Go to your right and pick up the tongue from the stand. Also, look carefully in the middle of the screen for a lighter. Then go left and left again. Pick the other tongue on the ground. Go right back to the doorway. Put the tongues on the mouths of the stone dragon statues astride the doorway. Then click on the center of the door to open it up. Once the doorway opens, head on in. Go down and use the lighter to light the lamp (you'll have to do this in just about every room from now on, but I'm not going to continue to tell you to do it).

Go down again, then left. Go down and move the switch on the left hand wall. This stops the spears from coming out in the room above. Go up and left (now that the spears have stopped, you can do so). Turn the stone in the center of the room on the pedestal. Note the symbol on the stone.

Go right, then down, then right again, then down again. Notice how the doorway on the right is open and the symbol is the same as what was on the stone? The other two doorways in this room are opened using that same stone.

Go right and pick up the jewel on the statue. Then go back to the stone on the pedestal and turn it once. Go back down to the doorway room and go down and pick up the second jewel. Repeat to get the third jewel on the left.

In the room on the left, you need to pick up a stone on the ground (bottom right).

Now that you have all three jewels, move right, up, left, up, right, and right again. Seems to be a similar 'spear' doorway. Place the stone you picked up in the jewel room at the bottom of the spears coming out to block them. Then go right.

Place the jewels in order from top to bottom in the corresponding holes (see image above). Go down and click on the jewel to win.

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