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Friday, June 29, 2007

Bloons World

Bloons World, like Bloons and More Bloons has you taking out balloons with a dart throwing monkey. Only on the web, right?

World is the natural continuation in the series. But instead of 50 more levels for you to beat, you can create your own levels and submit them for others to play. Then you can randomly play any levels (or go to a specific one) submitted by others. Rate them each as you play so everyone else can get to know how good or how bad a level has been done.

It's a fun little time waster. Although, after randomly playing a few levels, people are way too in love with the pacman balloon.

Play Bloons World at bloonsworld. Thanks to Games for Bored for pointing it out.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tower Defense Updates

In case you missed it, both Onslaught and Desktop Tower Defense have gone through several updates and have officially released new versions.

They have both added new enemies and towers, while Onslaught added new maps.

The strategy for Desktop Tower Defense hasn't changed, much. The 'dark' creeps aren't all that challenging for the squirt towers, and the morph creeps are fun, but still not challenging. The biggest issue I still have is killing off the flyers. Let's just say you need at least four freeze towers, and you have to figure out what to do with the spawn creeps that come before them.

The new towers aren't all that exciting.

For Onslaught, the best new combo is the dark hole. Nice for clearing off the creeps that build up on later levels. But you still need to build up your nuke flowers to do some real damage.

Update: Since others were recommending the new towers to me, I figured I should go back and give it another try. It turns out that I do like one of the new towers, or should I say an upgraded tower. The bash tower has been upgraded to the point where it does some awesome damage (2000 points). But the squirt tower is still my tower of choice for most of my map (See image). I was able to score 7136 points. Not bad for hard.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Starshine Walkthrough

Starshine is a simple puzzle game. Try to aim your shooting star so that all of the stars light up. Easy? No. But there's a walkthrough below that will help you.

BTW, I did this using trial and error. Also, you will probably have to turn your speakers off after a few levels. The song, while nice enough at first, is just a continuous loop that moves into your brain and slowly drives you batty.

Play Starshine at armorgames.

I used positions of the clock to show where you want to lay down your shot. Not very precise, but it will get you close enough for those levels that drive you nuts.

Level 1: 12
Level 2: 10
Level 3: 5
Level 4: 10
Level 5: 4:30
Level 6: 9
Level 7: 10:30
Level 8: 11:30 or 11:45
Level 9: 9:30
Level 10: 4:30
Level 11: 6
Level 12: 3
Level 13: 7:30
Level 14: 7
Level 15: 5:30 or 5:45
Level 16: 6
Level 17: 5:30
Level 18: 6
Level 19: 2
Level 20: 9:30
Level 21: 8 <- oops.. should be 11:55
Level 22: 9:30
Level 23: 8
Level 24: 6:30
Level 25: 9:15
Level 26: 6:15
Level 27: 5:30
Level 28: 7:30
Level 29: 10:45
Level 30: 1:30
Level 31: 1:30
Level 32: 11:15
Level 33: 11
Level 34: 1:30
Level 35: 8 <- it's a smiley face :-)
Level 36: 11:30
Level 37: 11:30
Level 38: 7
Level 39: 8
Level 40: 9:15
Level 41: 1
Level 42: 7
Level 43: 3:30
Level 44: 8:30
Level 45: 8:15
Level 46: 5:30
Level 47: 1
Level 48: 8:50
Level 49: 4:45
Level 50: 10 <- Really need to be careful here. Just north of the closest star so that the reflection from said star hits the blue star on the far right.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Temple Guardian

Temple GuardianTemple Guardian is another tower defense game. Yeah... I know. Another one? But this one is actually a little bit different.

Defend your temple from the invading creeps (it's not that different) by placing towers in various places throughout the map. Arrow towers and cannon towers start you off, but won't get you very far.

Now here's where it gets different. An eagle tower lets you chase down one particular creep at a time, by siccing an eagle on it. Another new twist is recovery. Some creeps will actually recover hp faster than you think, so make sure you mass your towers together to knock them down. You can also set traps to slow down the creeps on the path. The traps are cheap and easy to use, but won't help you against the stronger creeps.

There are also creeps who will dig under the path. Then there's the creep that will actually turn around and run away! And then, when you think you've won the game, the creeps will start fighting back, damaging your towers as they pass through the maze.

There's also a nice feature where you can build your own map.

All in all, it's a fun game to play. I've played better tower defense games, but this one is definitely different.

Play Temple Guardian at 9mine (found at Games for bored).

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Momentum Missile Mayhem

Momentum Missile Mayhem is a great twist on the defend your castle genre. Fire your missiles at the advancing tanks before they have a chance to cross your tower. You get 40 lives (40 chances to let a tank break through), but you're more likely to die when your tower blows up due to near-by explosions.

As with many archer games, pull back and let fly your missiles at the advancing hordes. Each wave gets more and more difficult, so choose wisely when it comes to your upgrades. Either better missiles, more energy build-up, better stability, etc... Everything comes into play.

Tips: Build up your energy and your stability first. Having the missile you want to throw at the advancing hordes blow up in your face instead of hitting one of the tanks is really depressing. Also, the shockwave is easy to acquire near the beginning. Set it to blow next to a line of tanks and watch them blow up in line.

One other thing. This game reminds me of bowling sometimes. If you shoot your missile at the right angle, you may get a strike, rather than just hitting that one pin on the left. Of course, it's also easy to be left with a 7-10 split, too. ;-)

Play Momentum Missile Mayhem at armorgames.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Nanny Mania

Nanny-ManiaNanny Mania lets you take charge of the mayor's household as the nanny. Follow the baby around as it makes mess after mess, do the laundry, cook the food, clean up after the mayor comes back in tracking mud everywhere. It's a messy house and somebody has to clean it.

Click on any of the messes to clean them up. Some messes require multiple steps to finish cleaning, such as laundry, feeding or cleaning the baby and cooking the food. Sometimes, you can go from step to step without a problem, but if you end up stuck with a load of laundry in your hands with nowhere to put it, you could be in trouble.

Play Nanny Mania at arcadetown.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vector TD (Tower Defense)

Vector TDVector TD is another tower defense game from the programmer who brought you Flash Circle TD and Flash Element TD.

Each round sends a rush of creeps around the map you chose at the beginning. Place your towers carefully around the map to shoot down on the creeps as they pass by. If you choose poorly, they will overrun your home base, taking one life each time they do. you start out with 20 lives (you can purchase more with the bonuses, although I wouldn't recommend that).

There are four normal maps and four hard maps to choose from. The normal maps give an easy introduction to the game. If you've played any other tower defense game, don't expect a challenge. You can always try for a high score. The harder maps are very challenging. It's very hard to balance your build up of towers vs. the conservation of the money in your bank account.

The latest tower defense creation builds off the old ones while simplifying at the same time. Also, as with his other tower defense games, the money you don't spend may be more important than the money you do. Since you can earn interest on the money in the bank, you need to conserve the cash as much as you can. This also means you should sell the towers back when they become useless.

The best tower is the third red turret. But each color has its strengths and weaknesses. Also, keep in mind the yellow creeps are very fast. If you only have one red turret on the field, they'll blow past you. Also, you can focus your towers in three ways. Either target close, hard, or weak creeps. This can make a big difference. If you have some green lasers, focus them on the weak creeps, while using the third red tower to hit the 'hard' targets. Or just go for the closest target.

I'm not crazy about the music (too repetitious) and why not put in sound effects? Also, the numbers can be hard to read sometimes. There are definitely some improvements that can be made.

Play Vector TD at candystand. First seen at JIG.

If I ever beat the hard map, I'll come back and tell you about it. What's your best strategy?

Update: I beat the first hard map Elemental-ish by getting through the first few levels and then building several red three towers in the middle. Eventually, I had five of them (I sold off everything else) and had them upgraded to level 9 for the last level.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Xeno Tactic

Xeno TacticXeno Tactic is a tower defense game that takes some of the best elements from other tower defense games and does nothing with them. In other words, if you've played any of the others, you've played this one.

The only new element is the mission based maps. Beat Mission 1 and the next map is opened up. But, keep in mind the game is still the same, just the map changes. Mission 1 - 5 are fairly simple, with little challenge to them. Level 6 pits you against 100 creep waves, and I haven't beaten it yet.

The game is buggy (I kept losing all my money, plus I'm not sure the damage was always being assigned), but the graphics are good and the sound fx are better than most. Also, if you're about to lose, quit (button is at the top right) rather than wait for the last creep to go. If you lose the game, you have to start over at Mission 1 (how annoying is that?).

Play Xeno Tactic at onlinegamesquad.