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Monday, June 11, 2007

Xeno Tactic

Xeno TacticXeno Tactic is a tower defense game that takes some of the best elements from other tower defense games and does nothing with them. In other words, if you've played any of the others, you've played this one.

The only new element is the mission based maps. Beat Mission 1 and the next map is opened up. But, keep in mind the game is still the same, just the map changes. Mission 1 - 5 are fairly simple, with little challenge to them. Level 6 pits you against 100 creep waves, and I haven't beaten it yet.

The game is buggy (I kept losing all my money, plus I'm not sure the damage was always being assigned), but the graphics are good and the sound fx are better than most. Also, if you're about to lose, quit (button is at the top right) rather than wait for the last creep to go. If you lose the game, you have to start over at Mission 1 (how annoying is that?).

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  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Not anymore... The game save your progress! Thanks for making me discover new games!

  2. Well, that's a relief. Having to restart from the beginning every time was really beginning to bug me. Maybe now I'll go back and play that last level again.

  3. the furthest i ever made it on this game is mission 6 wave 72... cant win... i will try again.

    since your blog is about web games, do you know anything about the old "astronest" game? i was so sad when the servers got closed down... maybe another game out there that is simular.

  4. sprstoner, I never played the game, so I can't be sure. But after looking around, it seems similar to galactic Conquest: http://gc.gamestotal.com/i.cfm?p=aboutgc

  5. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Cannot pass level 86 in mission 6. The air with more than 57000 HP cannot be killed. Even I have the luck to pass this level, the level 93 and 100 might be the air again. Should I give up?

  6. The air creeps always give me hives. :-) The only solution I've seen that works is to slow them down. Which means you need to get those ice towers in place and upgraded. Also, try to face them when other creeps are either off the board, or your maze needs to lead the others away from your main batteries while you deal with the air. It gets hard at those upper levels, but it is do-able.

  7. i would like to say yes the mission 6 is very difficult but if you plan accordingly it isnt that hard i got to level 78 as my highest but with every level i get higher i know what to do for the next time i lose so i can plan to win next time a good strategy is to create a straight line of plasma turrent that are maxed out in upgrades, also create a line of air missle to take out the air bots so the plasma can focus on the ground aliens if you can spare money create a line of freeze and dont worry about the sonic its usefull but i say freeze is better because it slows them down and is much faster to apply to all creatures instead of the slow firing of the sonic, that is when fully upgraded ground missile are useful to shoot at slowed down bunch of aliens

  8. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I think that if you build a tower it's range is high lighted but there are no details in the box. If you then click on another tower (or even anywhere on the game screen) you lose all your money, you get the NAN value for gold.

  9. Man I got badly hooked on this, but like everyone else level 6 is kicking my ass. Any more tips than what is above?

    With a lot of practice I can now get through the first five air waves with full health, which I thought was the key.. not losing health early on so you could lose it later to the giant unkillable things. But then, after wave 35, it goes down hill.. wave 42 brutalizes me and so far I haven't gotten past 49 (although I've been spending a lot of time trying to master the early part).

    Right now I'm just building the standard top-to-bottom zig zag, very similar to the screenshot in the blog. Then building maxed out plasmas one at a time near the center, and lots of lvl 2 anti air at the spawn and exit areas. I'm wondering if maybe I'm wasting $$ on the antiair that I should spend instead on more plasma, but I think I'd take a lot of early hits in the game from air, since it takes so long to get mega plasmas up at the start. Any ideas? (sorry for the long comment) ;)

    Especially not sure when/if/where to build freezers, and if to build, then build lots of low level or just one-by-one and max them out?

  10. try a tactic where there are two routes to the finish, then make them blockable with a vulcan at the finish end. when an enemy gets too near, block it off, and they will be forced to turn around, doing most of the maze (if you set it up right) again!. If they still make it, unblock that end and block the other end. also the enemies don't think individually, so if 1 enemy takes a route, all waves currently on the screen will also take that route. Hope that helps.

  11. Some more advice: As the previous commenter said: force both streams into a long maze that is blockable at two ends. By doing this you can free up one side, and block off the other forcing the creeps to go back through your maze. Feels sort of cheaty to me, but it works.

    Place your freeze towers along the path the flyers take. They are the problem children and need to slowed down. Near the center of your mze, you will need to place a freeze tower (or two) on the entrance and the exit side. Then populate the center with air dedicated towers. Plasma towers do well, but tend to get distracted by the ground creeps. You can picture this as a cross, with the center as air towers and the edges as freeze towers.

    I usually build up plasma towers first, then the air towers, then the freeze towers.

    I've been getting into the upper 80 levels, but have lost due to bugs in the game. My maze is highly populated at that point, so I'm not sure I would finish it out even without the bugs.

  12. About the bug where you loose your money, and a way to avoid it most of the time.

    The bug occurs when you build a tower and for some reason a range indicator appears wherever your mouse is. If at this point you click on another tower you loose all your money.

    To avoid this, when the range indicator appears, click to build another tower and cancel by pressing somewhere the tower can't be built. This'll clear the range indicator and you won't loose your money.

    I'm really struggling with the last level. I have to conclude that this game is (almost) impossible. Here's my latest attempt which reached level 86 (the fliers again):


    I've circled the DCA's so you can tell them from the rocket launchers.

    As you can see the bottom left of the maze is used to store the ground bugs when the fliers come over, that way all my plasma guns should be shooting the fliers, but it just isn't enough. I hear the tactics about slowing them down. I've tried, but it doesn't seem to slow them down much. Does anyone have any tips on how many freeze turrets and what level of upgrade to aim for?

    Any ideas?

  13. I routinely get to 93, by building two paths, opening and closing one, so the cycle forever, you should sell shortcuts so they end units will cross back to the start to create a large bait ball, which you can use sams on. I have only gotten past 93, by selling all attack units for dcas, apprx 16-7.. I thought 100 was only two large flyers, so I sold all the dcas for attack units, so I died there. level 100 is probably impossible. Maybe just maybe, if you make it to level 93 and sell all attack units and eat your losses, and manage to survive the level 100 air, and sell your dcas, you'll make it. btw, you need to sell everything around level 91 to have upgrade time.

  14. Elite Gamers Unit9:57 AM

    For all of you non-gamers out there, this game is a sinch. If you are experiencing difficulties read go to the xgenstudios for tips.

    (Without cheating of course) Level 93 is very difficult, and level 100 is even tougher, however it is possible if you have a good strategy.


    You CAN win this game. I rate this game 9.5/10 for original gameplay, graphics, and everything else. This game however loses 0.5 points for being too easily hackable. For lazy bums out there who are logically challenged, you can get the unlimited money hack and CHEAT... to your own discretion. Level 1-100 will be a breeze as you get ANY red towers/buildings at the start, however even with those many power structures, you will still need a little strategy or you will STILL lose CHEATING.

    Therefore, DO NOT hack the game as the levels you reach reflect your true skills. Only hack as a last resort, and smile with your delight when you reach level 100. Go to the xgenstudio's forum for more info...

    Have fun!
    Overall Rating: 9.5/10
    Buzz: Easily hackable -0.5 points.

    Elite Gamers Unit

  15. Wow, a review of a game on a site that reviews games. Interesting marketing strategy.

  16. Aileen sheepdog8:06 PM

    just got to level 93 for the first time, I have the best possible dual core processor but about 90% of the game was twice as slow as normal at least. I took about two hours to get to level 93.

    I got to level 86 with only using one life from a giant flyer in the middle, but on the level 86 I had about 12 DCA with frost cannons and about eight ariels got past with only 5% energy remaining-therefore I think with about 14 of them right in the middle you should be okay.

    I used 2 rockets to shoot at a clump of aliens-basically when the aliens are far apart you might as well knock the wall in between them change them direction and stick the wall again in one clump.

    after level 86 I sold all my 12 aerial turrets because I knew I had no chance and I decided to be a traitor and keep all the money and run away and leave the others to die behind the exits. and I got some of the money and made 15 maximum rocket towers to see if I could finish off the ground aliens.

    After about three levels of shooting at the ground aliens with 15 maximum rockets there was still about 50 left-I think there was about 300 monsters on the ground at level 86-I think the programmer is a wannky nerd whose room smells of a peculiar and very suspicious very strong fishy smell of dried shrimps.

  17. Anonymous9:07 PM

    You still lose easily at 93 with unlimited money

  18. Anonymous1:08 AM

    If you have infinite money hack, you can win. make two paths that go in opposite directions but still connect, and then when one mob gets close to you, put a turret to block the mob, making them go the other way into another path. then keep repeating, so ground=dead. and all you have to do is put a load of dcas in the middle. =D. I WANT TO TRY IT BUT MY PARENTS WONT LET ME PLAY last time i got 2 lv 78 w/o cheating but i was stupid enough to get plasmas and an extra sam.

  19. Anonymous8:43 PM

    heres a map i made
    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ l V V V V V V V l __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
    l V x V x l
    l V x V x V x V x V x x x x x V x V x V x l
    l V x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x l
    l x x V x V x l
    l V x V x V x V x V x V x V x x x x x V x V x V x l
    l x x x x x x x x x x x x x x V x x x x x x x l
    __ V x V x x x V x V x __
    x x x x D x D x D x D x x x x x
    > V x V x S x x x x x x x x x S x >
    > x x x x x x D x D x D x D x x x >
    > V x V x x x x x x x x x V x >
    > x x x x D x D x D x D x x x >
    > V x V x x x x x x x x x V x >
    > x x x x D x D x D x D x x x >
    __ V x V x V x V x x x x x x x x x V x __
    l x x x x x x x x V x S W I x x l
    l x x V x V x V x T C H l
    l V x x x x x x x l
    l x x l
    l l
    l l
    l l
    l ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- l
    l V V V V V V V l

    i hope it works

  20. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I also got to lvl 93.
    I entered with 12 lives, and with 17 THW and 5 Zeros, I still lost... &%#$^!

    *maybe I should've sold all 4 SAMS for 86, but then I was very close to killing 2 $240 bosses and about 50 $13 crawlers, so I sold them at 93*

  21. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I have played this game for quite long time. It is not so difficult to pass level 93 without any damages,i.e., remaining 20 hp (but not so easy). It means that we can reach to final level, level 100. I never passed this. after many many many times, almost I think that level 100 is impossible! although someone said on internet that they passed lvl 100, I have no answer, no exact answer!!! (of course without cheating)

  22. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Sorry for a wrong information I have just post.

    "... pass level 93 without any damages,i.e., remaining 20 hp"

    is corrected as follows:

    "... pass level 86 without any damages,i.e., remaining 20 hp, and pass level 93 with 10 hp remaining"

  23. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Jose Luis:

    Omg... lv 86 on my side, ...you always need plasma before DCA to let them do much more damage, unlike someone said before in this thread, there´s no doubt about that. I always try to have as much plasma instead of sam in the tower balance keeping enough sams just to kill the green spawners wave. If you are able to kill the green spawn aliens fast as they come out, in their 30 seconds, i do at level 60-70, using as many plasma as u can, before fliers come out. Plasma will make the difference to kill the fliers then. Let´s say they count as +1/3 dca. When you make vulcan switch, they take fire from the plasma that would help kill. So: Keep your ground core as close to the entries as possible, and put the slow towers right before the plasma, not earlier, as not to loose time to kill the wave.

    I still can´t tell THE BUG APART:

    -When you click a building you just made?
    -When you click a tower transforming?
    -When a range appears under your mouse?

    ...I also once in my last game clicked a building to avoid the NAN, canceled the bulding, and clicked another one and lost all my gold too. I would make it so further without the nan.