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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Haluz 2 Walkthrough

Haluz is back (see the original Haluz walkthrough) and slightly better than before. Figure the puzzles out and move your hero along to rescue the girl and get your just rewards. The online version is a teaser for a full version you can purchase (I wasn't tempted, even though it is a good puzzle game).

The graphics are as incredible as they were in the first version and the sound effects are fun.

I'll post a walkthrough below.

Haluz is similar to other mini puzzle games (graphics and puzzle-wise) to Samarost, Samarost 2, and wogger. Other recent point and click adventure games include Smart Stick Adventures 2 1/2, Hapland 3, and Puzzleland.

Play Haluz 2 at

Walkthrough Below

Wait for the introduction to finish and your hero to start off on his adventure. Then click on the lock next to the door. Then click on the raccoon hiding in the lamp on top of the hill. Click on the cord to turn on the light. The code for the lock shows up under the light on the door. Punch in the code and then turn the wheel.

Click on the light switch next to the door. Turn it to the right to move the bat to the right. Turn it back to the left to get the bat to come back. Take the hook up next to the bat and attach it to it. Turn the light switch back the other way to move the bat again. Click on the basket to jump across.

Wait a few moments, then click on your hero to 'pollute' the water. Wait some more for the flowers to grow and expose the man in the mountain. Click on the left most flower.

Take the pine cone out of the man in the mountains mouth and place it under the clock as a counter weight. Click on the clock face until the horse starts coming out (4 o'clock). Your hero will jump on and disappear.

Click on the walkman the old shaman is listening to. Click on the bottom right music code to make him float (looks like an alpha symbol to me). Turn the volume up to make him float higher. Click on his beard to get the key to drop out. Put the key in the lock to get your hero out in his flying boat.

Enjoy the scenery.

To get the snake to let you go, turn on the water (right side, red knob). Turn the left wheel on the pump (bottom middle of scene). Turn right wheel, then turn the left wheel again. Then click the pump. Turn the left wheel again to release the bees. Click on back of boat to get hero on his way.

Wait till hero stops his boat. Click on hummingbird on flower pot above. When the bird comes out to eat fruit, click on plants with eyes above to steal it (may require some timing). Click on eyes again to drop fruit, dropping big bird into pot allowing you to move on.

Click on glass to get your hero to attempt to lift it up off of the girl. He's not strong enough. Halfway up on right side, there is a claw holding an orange ball. Click on it, then immediately click on jar below it to swing it out (requires timing) to get ball to drop into jar. Click on fly on far left. While it is on the mushroom, click on iguana (top left).

Enjoy end scene and sales pitch for full version. (I did say you would get your just rewards, didn't I? That's what you get for stealing a man's mouthpiece!)

The Blade of Innocence

Blade of InnocenceBlades of Innocence is a very simple RTS game. Build up your castle and your forces and attack the other castle before the computer manages to take you down. Your income comes at a steady stream, so no worries about resource collection except to build those things that increase your income.

Not hard to beat at the easy or very easy level, this game becomes more difficult at normal. Be ready for real frustration if you get beyond that (I tend to scream about how the computer is cheating).

I try to build up resources first, then my army. This game doesn't give you much time to do that, however. And if all your footsoldiers die, when you create a new one, it may not go for the weakest opponent (Which absolutely drives me nuts!).

It's distracting to see the directions in two different languages, but I learned to live with it.

This game is not exactly going to tempt you into replaying it again and again, but for those of you who want a taste of RTS...

Play Blades of Innocence at flashgames247. Found via forbored.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower Defense, you wanted more bloons? You wanted more tower defense? Well, now you can have both. Use your dart throwing monkeys to the best of their abilities to stop the onslaught of horrific... uh... bloons.

This game isn't hard to beat, but is still fun to play simply because it merges two fun games. It's not something you're going to want to go back to again and again.

To beat it, I used a mass of simple dart throwing monkeys, upgraded to piercing (and distance if needed). Then, when I had enough money, I bought supermonkeys (which are not a joke... well... they are a joke, but the hypervelocity speed at which they throw darts makes them a menace to any ballon) and upgraded their distance to win out. I let one bloon through, which I blame to inattention more than anything early on. See the picture to see placement. I never sold any monkeys, and I never used the freeze or bomb monkeys.

Play Bloons Tower Defense at ninjakiwi.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Papas Pizzeria

Papas PizzeriaPapas Pizzeria starts out by promoting you from delivery boy to order taker, pizza maker and all around boss of your own pizza place because the real owner decided to take off and leave it to you. So get cooking those pies before your customers get too angry.

Like BP Gas Mania, Nanny Mania and Hot Shot Business, the objective is to make money by keeping your customers happy. Make sure to make the pizza they want. Each customer will want their favorite toppings, cooked as long as they wanted, and cut a certain way.

What I like is how each customer can be built up. Keep their service level high and they'll reward you more each time they come. Blow their order and they'll remember it the next day with lower tips. I'm also amused by all the Pizza ads on the site.

What I don't like is how complicated the game can be. For a casual game, it's not easy to flip from screen to screen. I screwed up one order by giving the wrong customer his pizza because I left the wrong order slip out. Also, I still haven't figured out how to know if a new customer has shown up other than by sticking your head out (figuratively speaking). Maybe a bell ringing as they enter the door would be a nice touch?

Play Papas Pizzeria at papalouie.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Boxhead 2

Boxhead 2Boxhead 2, like Boxhead, is a zombie killing game. Wave after wave of zombies come out at you and their only thought is to get to you. Collect your weaponry and start clearing them out.

The graphics are better, and so are the controls and the sounds. Overall this sequel is a big improvement over the first, but it still isn't perfect.

To be honest, it's not much of a challenge. Most often, I end up dying from making some stupid mistake because I tried to liven things up by trying to kill some the oncoming hordes in a different manner than before. For the most part, I rely on the shotgun and grenades to carry me through.

Play Boxhead 2 at kongregate.

You may have noticed I've been playing a lot of games at kongregate lately and there's a reason for that. For whatever reason, a lot of the best game creators are now hosting their games there and the community is a lot of fun. So I am definitely recommending kongregate as a site to find all the best games.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Orb Avoidance 2

Orb Avoidance 2Orb Avoidance 2 is a definite upgrade from orb avoidance. With better graphics and more options, including exploding blocks, its become a lot harder to last very long.

Orb avoidance was too easy to game. Sneak up to a block near the top or the bottom of the screen and tuck your pointer in close. The incoming orbs will never hit you and you can play indefinitely, or at least until you need to use your mouse for something else.

OA2 has solved that by making it harder to hide. With exploding blocks and better graphics, hiding out is no longer an option.

Play Orb Avoidance 2 at kongregate.