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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Blade of Innocence

Blade of InnocenceBlades of Innocence is a very simple RTS game. Build up your castle and your forces and attack the other castle before the computer manages to take you down. Your income comes at a steady stream, so no worries about resource collection except to build those things that increase your income.

Not hard to beat at the easy or very easy level, this game becomes more difficult at normal. Be ready for real frustration if you get beyond that (I tend to scream about how the computer is cheating).

I try to build up resources first, then my army. This game doesn't give you much time to do that, however. And if all your footsoldiers die, when you create a new one, it may not go for the weakest opponent (Which absolutely drives me nuts!).

It's distracting to see the directions in two different languages, but I learned to live with it.

This game is not exactly going to tempt you into replaying it again and again, but for those of you who want a taste of RTS...

Play Blades of Innocence at flashgames247. Found via forbored.

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