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Monday, March 27, 2006

Hapland 3

Hapland 3 is now out. I haven't had a chance yet to play it through, but if you're interested, you should check it out now.

I had a previous post here about hapland 3, escape from rhetundo island, but that wasn't really hapland 3, although I saw it called that in several places. Thanks to Sarah for letting me know that the real Hapland 3 is out.

If you're looking for games like hapland, I've listed several games similar to hapland.

Play Hapland 3 at foon.co.uk.

Update: I've posted a complete walkthrough for Hapland 3 in the comments below. Even knowing what to do, this game can be very hard.

I would try to figure it out yourself first, though!

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  1. Walkthrough for Hapland 3:
    I've labeled the three stick men as knight, lever-man, and engineer. The lever-man is next to the lever. The knight is standing above him (with a carrot hanging over his head), and the engineer is hanging out on the right hand side near the building with the wrench.

    Click on the carrot so that the knight will eat it. Move the knight to the right by clicking on him. Click the lever-man three times to get the second carrot to show up. Click on the carrot so that the knight grabs it, then immediately click on the top of the box below the knight. The top of the box will open up hitting the ceiling which causes the knight to drop the carrot. Two bugs come out to eat the carrot. Click on both of them before they get to the carrot. (If you don't kill them both before they get to the carrot, you need to restart).

    If you get both flies, the snail will come out from the switch and eat the carrot. This allows you to close the switch, which starts up the landing pad for the UFO. Start up the other landing pad by clicking on its switch as well. Click on the lever guy three times so a red right arrow appears. Click on the other red arrow so that it is facing right. Click on the right side of the box below the knight so that the flap on the right opens up. Click on the red arrow above the knight so that he moves down next to the UFO. Click on the UFO, then click on the right yellow button under the box to cause a boulder to roll out. The UFO fails to abduct the knight who heads into the bathroom and flushes the toilet. This causes the rocks below the toilet to fall revealing one of the keys to success. The UFO flies up and over to the second landing pad, dropping the boulder onto the mine. You should also notice the arrow on the right is now pointing up.

    Now we need to get the knight back onto the left side of the platform. Click on the doorbell so that the knight comes back out. Click on him again to send him back onto the platform. Then move him to the left side of the platform by clicking on him again. Click on the lever-man three times (notice a pattern here?) so that the shield appears. Click on the switch to the left of the green arrow. Click on the lever-man again. The green arrow should light up, telling the lever man to move across the pond. Click on the tube so that it curves upwards.

    Now it's time to blow up the UFO. Click on the UFO. It will fly up and to the right. Just before it flies off screen (it will reappear on the left side), click on the shield. The knight will reveal his true form, weilding shield and blade. Click on the lever man, shooting a rock at the knight. The rock will bounce off of the shield, fly up in the air, and, if you've timed it correctly, will blow up the UFO. Parts of the UFO will rain down on the pond and freeze it (which is a big relief for anyone who has tried to cross back over that pond with the lever man, since the pond monster will eat him!).

    We need to fire twice more at the knight, so grab the shield and fire away. The first time will send another rock up and over into the basket. The second one shoots a bomb up and over into the basket. Click the light above the door (above the lever man). He will notice the light and try to go in. A boot will come out and kick him onto the pond. Offended, the lever-man will return to his original lever.

    Click the small gear in the middle of the box so that it starts spinning. Then click on the left yellow dot below the box. A boulder comes flying out, bounces across the ice and lands on the far side of the pond. If you don't click on the gear first, the boulder rolls out and crushes lever-man! So be careful.

    Click the switch to the left of the green arrow and regain control of the items above the knight. Click on the lever man three times so that the red bomb appears. Click on the bomb. The knight will grab the bomb, and throw it out over the frozen pond. After it explodes, hot parts will rain down on the ice, melting the pond.

    Click the spider web above the bird (upper left). A spider will drop down. Click on the window (top left) and a carrot will drop out of the window. Click on the spider, then immediately click on the bird. The bird will hop out after the carrot. When it turns around and sees the spider stealing its egg it will defend itself with its natural defenses, i.e. its laser eyes! The laser misses, but releases a vine on the second tree. The basket will fall, bounce off the boulder below, and drop into the pond. The bomb will explode, draining the pond.

    Click the switch to the left of the green arrow, then click on the lever-man. He will jump (fall) down into the pond and set himself up next to his last lever.

    Click the leaves (way up high) on the right hand side of the tree. This will drop something which damages the UFOs pad. Click on the bell on the building to the right. The engineer will jump into action and run down to fix the pad. After he leaves the building, close the door behind him (click on it). After the engineer fixes the pad, he will try to reenter the building. Finding it locked, he will move back over to the red arrow (still pointing upwards). Click on the engineer so that he climbs the vine released by the bird. Click on him again and he'll light the vine on fire. Click on him again and he'll climb down.

    Click the red arrow twice so that it now points to the right. Click on the trap door between the outhouse and the pad. It will lift up. Click on the left side of the crate in the cave below to open it up. Click on the engineer and he'll drop into the cave. (If you wait to open the box after the engineer drops down, he'll be crushed, so make sure to open the box before the engineer drops in!).

    The timing on this next sequence is critical, and hard to do. I had to reset at this point more times than I wish to count. So good luck: Click on the engineer. He'll enter the box and then come out with a big moving vehicle/bowl. Click on the red blob revealed by the flushing toilet just before the vehicle gets there (as it's getting off of the crate seems to work for me). A blob will fall into the bowl. As the engineer gets to the bump in the road on the left side, click on the lever man. This will cause another blob to fall down into the bowl/vehicle.

    Click on the gear at the bottom right to turn the sign around. Now push the button. Congratulations, you're all done!

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM

    People should be warned that Hapland 3 is by far the worst of the three. Too much depends on exact but seemingly arbitrary timing. Expect to feel very angry and frustrated by the sheer idiocy of hitting the UFO with the rock and seeing it not explode and then finally managing it only to have the bird not see the spider due to a quarter second timing window.
    I enjoyed the first two, but hated this one.

  3. I definitely found Hapland 3 to be frustrating this time around, but I wouldn't say that's a big change from last time. Timing has been big part of the game since the start.

  4. Anonymous2:53 PM

    i found this game a little challaenging, but overall i really liked it. it took me about 30 tries to get it, but when i did i was very happy. the blowing up the UFO was difficult at first but eventually it became no challage and i have no idea how the timing with the bird was difficult, i found no problems with that at all. my problem was getting the blobs into the bowl thing. that i had to do about 20 out of the 30 times i tried. overall i foudn this game awesome. i lvoed it and cant wait fo the next one.

  5. Anonymous2:32 AM

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  6. To paraphrase the comment I just deleted above: cheating is bad and I think you shouldn't do it.

    Please remember that I consider this to be a family site.

  7. Anonymous2:52 AM

    I cant gat the toilet to fulsh.. He walks in and stuff and avoids the UFO but does not flush. Help?

  8. If you've done everything else, he should flush the toilet automatically, revealing the orange ??? below the building.

  9. Anonymous8:30 PM

    i had trouble flushing the toliet also open the window That worked for me :)

  10. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I opend the window, and closed a lot of times, but he still wont flush the toilet! I rang the doorbell and that just made it so i had to start all over! Please, can any one gelp me??

  11. Anonymous12:22 AM

    I played around with #3 for about 3 hours before I looked up the walkthrough. It was cool and I was way off on some things. Like the bugs I never would have figured that one out. The walkthrough was great I didn't mess up once.

  12. Anonymous8:56 PM

    If you don't eat the carrot first you don't have anything to flush.

  13. Anonymous8:25 PM

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  14. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I cannot for the LIFE of me blow up that UFO. I followed the FAQ exactly, but the rock doesn't bounce off of his shield. Can you tell me the EXACT times to click on the sheild and leverman?

  15. Anonymous9:17 PM

    at first it was hard, but now i've gotten the timing right and can finish it every time