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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pizza hot

Pizza hot puts you in the seat of a scooter delivering pizza across the city. Your job is to get the pizza delivered on time and still hot. As the levels advance, you will need to deliver soda as well, plus make multiple deliveries. Pick up the loose change along the way, but make sure you take care of your scooter as repairs can be expensive. Also, be careful of the law. They don't like it if they catch you running across the sidewalk.

I found the scooter hard to handle, but I soon got used to it. Also, make sure to turn off the tutorial messages, as it quickly started driving me nuts in between the levels. The music is repetitive and annoying, so feel free to turn that off as well. The graphics are good and the game is entertaining.

The quicker you get the pizza delivered, the better your tip. But don't worry too much about it. I found the money found on the street made me more.

Play pizza hot at miniclip.

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