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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Bar

The Bar is a really nice looking point and click escape the room game (excuse me, escape the bar). There are several non-logical points in this game, that make it just about impossible to do without a walkthrough, but don't worry, I found one for you.

You wake up in the bar (you own it, but why are you sleeping in it, and more importantly, how did you get locked into your own bar?). This is the night you had a rendezvous with your mysterious lover from the past, but she hasn't shown.

Again, there are some points in this game that are completely illogical. With time and a lot of clicking, you should be able to find all the items you need. But how you use them is a problem. But it looks nice and is rather puzzling.

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Play The Bar at

BTW, I saw that also has a review and discussion of the bar, but I didn't spot it there first.


  1. Lycia9:35 PM

    Hi. The link to the walkthrought does not work, but I found one here. Post #93.

  2. That's funny, the link works for me. I'm sorry you had to go find another one, but it's nice to see all four endings based on the drinks.