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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Friends is another original game from orisinal. This time, the toroise and the hare are teamed up against the birds and the snakes. I don't know what they did to anger the birds, but the snakes I can understand.

The controls are simple. When the turtle is on top, you can shoot (left mouse click, aim with the pointer) the birds. But the turtle can't shoot down. So switch (space bar) to the bunny on top and the turtle on bottom. The bunny will pull out his trusty stick to wack the snakes with.

You can shoot the apples, when the turtle is on top, which will can drop down onto the snakes, but that's hard to do. Also, if you hit multiple items (apples, birds, etc...) you get bonus points. Note that you'll slow down when the turtle is on bottom, so run when you can with the bunny on the bottom. Also, it is possible to dodge the bombs being dropped by the birds. It just isn't easy.

Categorize this under: Shooter, Arcade -- I'm putting this under shooter even though it's not what many would typically think of it as being a shooter. I just don't have a category for it.

Play Friends at orisinal.

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  1. That's a nice game. Thanks for the introduction.