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Friday, December 15, 2006

Reindeer Tipping

Reindeer Tipping puts you in control of Ebenigma Scrooge in his quest to find joy and happiness by tipping reindeer. And not just any reindeer, but Santas own team of reindeer.

Travel around the pen (arrow keys) and each time one of the luckless reindeer fall asleep, come at them from above or below to knock them over. Keep Scrooge happy by avoiding any of the bazooka shots from those relentless penguins. Oh, and if Santa catches you, it's lights out.

Tip: Ruffling Rudolph is worth twice as much as any other deer!

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Play Reindeer Tipping at reindeertipping.

My thanks to JIG for pointing this one out.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bowmaster Prelude

Bowmaster Prelude successfully merges strategy, shooting and action into one fun and exciting (if long) game. 30 levels of shooting action, while your knights, horses, archers and priests take the field against your enemy. If you like the original bowmaster, you'll like this prelude.

Take charge of the hero archer with his magical bow. Upgrade your weapon, or recruit more forces to take the field. Help out your men by shooting the enemy, but be careful... You can hit your own guys.

Tips and other help: There are several options for shooting: From auto aim to drag and shoot. Take your pick, but don't worry. You won't be stuck with it. Keep track of what kind of damage each type of arrow does. Any ice creatures (white) react poorly to fire (red) and vice-versa. Flying enemies are a pain, but don't do as much damage (unless you totally ignore them). Each level ends when you capture their flag, or you defeat all waves.

I prefer to destroy the opposing castle as quickly as I can. It gives you a better field of fire as the wave of opponents enters the screen. His archers tend to hide behind it, too.

You only gain xp and gold by shooting with your basic arrow. So keep going back to it. You'll need the money for upgrades and your xp needs to go up in order for your hero to level up so he's capable of doing more damage. Head shots do more damage, but you may want to avoid them in the first few levels. Killing in two shots gives you more money and more xp.

On level 30, the big guy (shown in the picture) is invulnerable until he raises his axe (shoot him in the belly) or when he takes off his helmet (hit him with an exploding arrow to knock him over).

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Play Bowmaster Prelude at lostvectors.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Grow V.1 Walkthrough

Grow v1 is up and running and it's just as fun as the rest of them have been. Make your selection between the two options and if you get them in the right order, you'll get the world you see in the picture I've included here.

If you make different choices, you'll still win as you work your way through the many optional endings you can find.

I'll include the walkthrough to get the congratulations message in the comments below.

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Play Grow v1 at eyezmaze.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Matrix Rampage

Matrix Rampage is a simple arcade action. Shoot everyone else on the screen. Jump up and down within the building, destroying it as you go. Pick up any weapons and medical supplies as you go along. All this just to live as long as you can.

a is your action (hit/shoot/swing your sword) key. s to pick up an object. Move around with the arrow keys, including jumping up and down levels. Double move left or right to speed your way across.

Tips: Keep moving around the building. Meds pop up randomly throughout, so you want to go find them. Also, if something is thrown at you, you can hit it out of the air if you have a katana or stick.

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Play Matrix Rampage at gamebrew.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tower Defence

Tower Defence is a strategic game in which you place turrets throughout the playing field in your best effort to defend your citizens from the invading dots. You have several choices in turrets, and depending on which turret you pick, you may only get so far.

Each wave of attackers is that much harder to kill. So it's not enough to build a bunch of small turrets. Each turret must be carefully placed to take advantage of its strength. For instance, fire may hit hard at lower levels, but water can shoot farther.

Probably the hardest defend your castle game I've played. I can only get in the low 70s for a score. How about you?

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Play Tower Defence at jeannettevejarano.

Monday, December 04, 2006

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve is a fun zombie shooter/defend your castle game. You'll probably get sick of the 'brains....', 'death', and 'ahhhhh....' from the various undead coming at you. But that's ok. You can always turn the sound down.

Pick your weaponry carefully. I was trying the molotov cocktails out at a later stage in the game and almost got trampled because of the slow reload. It may do a lot of damage, but the frag grenades are so much better. Also, the Uzi is key. Despite it's lower damage, 30 rounds is hard to turn your nose up at.

Take head shots. They do more damage. Oh... there is a zombie without a head, however. Kind of disorienting after training yourself to only shoot at the head. You can buy several upgrades to the auto repair. It's probably the most useful defense you can get.

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Play All Hallows Eve at gamesbob.