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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tower Defence

Tower Defence is a strategic game in which you place turrets throughout the playing field in your best effort to defend your citizens from the invading dots. You have several choices in turrets, and depending on which turret you pick, you may only get so far.

Each wave of attackers is that much harder to kill. So it's not enough to build a bunch of small turrets. Each turret must be carefully placed to take advantage of its strength. For instance, fire may hit hard at lower levels, but water can shoot farther.

Probably the hardest defend your castle game I've played. I can only get in the low 70s for a score. How about you?

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  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    72 is my best, this is tough

  2. Anonymous1:18 AM

    definitely tough, but using only nature towers I got to 75...

  3. I could never get past the mid 70's. Definitely addicting, but there are better tower games. Although, making sure it eventually beats you seems to make this version fairly addictive.

  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    anybody ever get to use that little flower looking thing on the bottom right for 3000 gold? I'm wondering what it does but can't save that much up. =(

  5. Yes, I've gotten the flower, but it didn't really help me get any farther. It's just a more powerful gun.

  6. Anonymous11:13 PM

    I think you need to get the flower as early as possible then save up for the second upgrade which is like 150k dmg...i think thats the only way to get past 70s

  7. Anonymous11:07 AM

    My best is 75. I think the key is to somehow reach the 3rd lvl of the flower which does 909000 dmg. thats right 900 thousand! but it costs so much money to upgrade.

  8. Anonymous1:05 AM

    my highest is 81 which i got with only nature towers. i can get to about 11 towers fully upgraded before i am overrun.

  9. Anonymous6:26 PM

    got to 69... I can't figure out how to start with only nature towers, i have to start out with ice towers and then build nature towers.... why, i don't know

  10. Anonymous3:48 AM

    i firsd do ice towers and then full upgrade 12 nature tower and 2 armed tower lvl 2... and i only get to lvl 79

  11. Anonymous1:37 AM

    my best is 82.. i start with ice, then use nature the rest of the way on the corners.. i cant beat 82, so good luck

  12. I personally have reached a high of wave 85 using all nature towers. I have a friend who reached wave 86 using similar strategy. Not bad considering it says on the main page before starting the game that the creator of the game has a high of wave 90 (or so he had at the time). Good Luck!

  13. Anonymous8:28 PM

    got 2 wave 84 all nature w/ 1 ice,

    w/ cheat i got 2 wave 273.

    discovered the cheat totally by accident...

  14. I got to wave 74 w/ all nature...

    Whats the cheat that got that guy to wave 273

    C= =D

  15. Anonymous4:07 PM

    That cheat can get you to any level really.. I did it once and you can go as high as you want i think when i did it i just let it run to level 450. The way you do it is right when the level ends you have to high the space bar really really fast 2 times and hold it down the second time. but this is really pointless because when i did that i was on level 60 something and i didn't even kill one of the enemy's so it doesnt really serve any purpose and its really hard to do. i've only done it once and that was on a really slow computer at school which allowed me to do it alot easier. Good luck with it

  16. Gee that trick really really works
    but it is unusefull though

  17. Anonymous12:33 PM

    The posistion of the nature towers makes all the difference. You have to put it in the corners right in line with the dots as they come through to do the most damage. If you do it in the right spots you can built one tower at a time and get it fully upgraded before building another. I can only get to 82 that way.

  18. Anonymous2:22 AM

    with that little glitch mentioned just hold in the space when you kill all the dots and hold it as long as u want to get to lv 1k-10k even 100k

  19. Anonymous2:12 PM

    if you use the glitch straight away it just makes it impossible to kill them lol

  20. Anonymous8:01 PM

    i thought i was doing really good used only a fully upgraded fire tower and got to lvl48 but as soon as i bought the boss tower things went downhill..

  21. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I got 81 once. most of the time get 78 or 79. Can anybody get the 15,000 power one

  22. Anonymous1:46 AM

    got to 77 on mostly nature towers. i really want the third tier flowertower

    -Synyster D

  23. Anonymous6:52 PM

    i got to level 68 with only 5 fully upgraded nature towers and the lvl 2 flower tower

  24. Anonymous9:10 PM

    i got lv 68 with ice towers and one nature tower