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Monday, December 04, 2006

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve is a fun zombie shooter/defend your castle game. You'll probably get sick of the 'brains....', 'death', and 'ahhhhh....' from the various undead coming at you. But that's ok. You can always turn the sound down.

Pick your weaponry carefully. I was trying the molotov cocktails out at a later stage in the game and almost got trampled because of the slow reload. It may do a lot of damage, but the frag grenades are so much better. Also, the Uzi is key. Despite it's lower damage, 30 rounds is hard to turn your nose up at.

Take head shots. They do more damage. Oh... there is a zombie without a head, however. Kind of disorienting after training yourself to only shoot at the head. You can buy several upgrades to the auto repair. It's probably the most useful defense you can get.

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