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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gods Playing Field

God has fallen asleep on the job and you're in charge. Will you create world peace, feed everyone, make a pie? Probably not....

Simple, pointless game in which you get to play god and kill anyone and everyone on the screen. The Full Game allows you to build up and try out all the different tools of mayhem (my favorite is dropping a piano). Pick out how many targets you want (they call them enemies). I say, the more the merrier.

In case you're wondering, the big S that replaces the dollar sign in freestyle mode in the top left corner shows the secret codes to enter.

Play Gods Playing Field at crazymonkeygames.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Simpson Maker

This isn't a game so much as it is just fun. Create your own simpsons character for avatar or you can just create your own card and print it out.

Simpson Maker is a flash application located at q4nobody.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Busy Burger

Busy Burger asks if you have what it takes to make fries, burgers, chicken and drinks for your customers? Are you fast enough, and more importantly, can you remember their order?

Luckily there are only four possible items. But you really need to pay attention to what your customers are ordering. The items are easy to make, but it does take time to do it. Burgers and nuggets are automatically produced by hitting the button. But action is required for creating the juice and fries. So, prioritize and get to work. Remember, the customer is always right!

Play Busy Burger at crazymonkeygames.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Playing with Fire Game

Like to blow things up? Then you'll love to play with fire in this flash game. Set bombs (semi-colon) and then get out of the way. The objective is simple. The player that survives, wins.

Set your bombs and collect the power-ups, including shoes (move faster) and bombs (which allows you to set more than one bomb at a time). You can play single player against, up to, 3 other computer players. Or there is a two player version.

I like the music and the sound effects are fun. The graphics are simple, but clean.

Tips: Let the computer guys blow themselves up. Be careful about blowback.

Play Playing With Fire Game at

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Snow Boarding

Stuck inside, but wish you were on a board? Are you goofy?

Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Perform tricks using by jumping in the air (push the space bar to jump up). Once in the air, push an arrow key then hit the space bar again to perform the trick. Tail grab (left), back flip (up), right arrow (360), and down arrow (method) will get you where you want to go. Big tricks will give you time bonuses. Combos are even better.

Keep in mind the objective is to shoot the gates (trees) and get to the bottom with the fastest time.

Play snowboarding at

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Chicken Little, the game

Chicken Little has missed the bus and it's up to you to help him get to school on time. Follow the bus as it heads to school, but it leaves the screen quickly so make sure you mark where it goes.

If you can, use the skateboard to increase your speed, but as the week goes along, it quickly becomes harder to use for more than a couple of seconds. There are just too many obstacles in the road and you can't use it off the road (hit spacebar to get off safely). Make sure to freeze time by grabbing the watch when it appears and take shortcuts through the sewer. Keep in mind that you can only use 'open' manhole covers. If you don't just drop right in, it's not open (even if someone else is peeking out of it).

This is a kids game and really not that challenging. There are only five levels (Monday through Friday) and the only objective is to beat the clock and get the best score possible. I was never late my first time playing. But the graphics are fun, and if you do have kids, they may enjoy playing it. The REM music in the background is a definite plus.

Play Chicken Little at Miniclip.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bug Time

Shoot the bugs before they get you! You're an exterminator sent to destroy the bugs (looks like an attic). If you kill them, more will come!

Play Bug Time at

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Miniclip has announced it's best of 2005 game awards

Their categories include best multiplayer, action, shoot-em'up, advergame, educational, puzzle, sport, and best online. They chose the finalist based on quality, popularity and their judges panel.

See the best online game winners at miniclip.

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Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven is a single player flash game. You're objective is to get your ninja as high as you can by jumping up onto the next level. If you miss and fall of the screen, you lose a life. As you go up, records are falling down. Shoot them down (you really need to lead your shots in order to hit anything in this game) to score. If a death's head comes after you, you can't shoot it, but you can perform a spin attack when it gets too close. If it hits you, you will lose a life. As you climb, make sure you get the four golden records as they appear. Unlike the other records, these are stationary and are in hard to reach spots.

The weird part of this game is the lack of your ninja's ability to go side to side. You can jump up (up arrow key), perform a spin attack (down arrow key), and shoot an electric bundle at the falling records (left mouse). But you can't move left or right, making this seemingly simple game harder than it first appears. It is, however, a kids game, so don't expect to be too challenged.

Play Stairway to Heaven at protokid. You can register (get your high score posted) or you can play as guest.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Everybody Golfs

Everybody Golfs has puts you on a 9 hole course with someone (if you're a gamer) you might recognize. Otherwise, it's a basic online flash golfing game. Click and hold the left mouse button on the ball and then 'pull back' with your mouse to set the power and trajectory for your shot.

I had three hole-in-ones on the first three holes, but then it got more difficult with the addition of trees (you can't go under), sandtraps, and water holes. Expect the ball to 'roll' at the end of your shot. I found myself thinking the screen had frozen, but the ball was still going.

Play golf at everybodygolfs.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

David - Dawn of a King

Miniclip has brought out a new flash game, David -- Dawn of a King. But first, you must work your way up. You start out as David did, hunting down lost sheep. The adventure will continue from there.

The controls are easy to work with. Use the arrow keys to move, space bar to hit/kick and return to switch your weapons. Mind, you won't get your weapons until later in the game. A nice feature is the autoduck when you approach an overhang that you can't walk under, David will automatically duck down so he can fit.

Some of the noises are annoying (What is that beeping)? But as you would expect from a Miniclip game, the graphics are good. Also there are many levels to explore and enjoy, so get out there and become a king.

Play David - Dawn of a King at Miniclip.

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Pop Pirates

Pop Pirates pits you against the viruses that are attacking your computer. With upgrades like firewall and killer-watt, you quickly get the idea behind this kid's game. Your computer is under attack, with viruses stealing your downloaded music. Your job is take out these viruses, and rescue your music (it seems like it's one note at a time).

Like so many other scrolling games, you fly by moving your mouse in the direction you want. I prefer to auto-fire (hold the left mouse button down) and blast away at the bad guys.

Tips: Once you get a homing missile, you can even tell where the next bad guy is going to come from even if you can't hit it yet.

Play Pop Pirates at protokid as a guest or you can register to see your name on the high scores list.
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Monday, January 16, 2006


Use your PoppaZoppa to stomp on buildings in an effort to collect your missing eggs. This is a multiplayer game where you compete against another player to stomp on buildings in order to build the biggest chain.

Tips: Collect the reactor parts for a mega stomp. Don't let the timer run out before you clear the board. The bigger the chain, the bigger the points, plus a chance to earn a jackpot spin.

As with all games at ClubPogo, the game is only half the fun. There's a real sense of community here and there's a chance to win cash and prizes using tokens you pick up in the games.

Play PoppaZoppa at ClubPogo.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mouse Wars

Mouse Wars is a fly and shoot game. Your ship is the unique part of this game. Your ship is your cursor. No need to keep hitting the mouse button to shoot either. Simply move your mouse in front of your enemies as the your cursor has continuous fire. Sure, the graphics are simple, but who needs complexity?

Make sure to collect all the bonuses, but more important is to collect the health boxes that come along. This game is all about your high score, so try to kill as many enemies as you can.

Play Mouse Wars at

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Friday, January 13, 2006

German Cow Game

I first saw this game at GEG. Get your cow to the goal to complete each level. Some levels are harder than others, but some are so easy to be funny.

Place an arrow to guide the cows where you want to. You may need to get a key to open a door, or you may need to move a hay bale, or you may need one cow to move another.

My strategy is to test as I go along. I place some arrows and see what happens. There's no penalty for trying, so hit the 'run' button and get the cows moving faster. Also, red arrows will disappear after a cow passes over it, but blue arrows stay.

If you happen to understand German (I think it's German?), the directions for each level may be interesting/helpful. Unfortunately, I can't read them. That didn't stop me from enjoying this game. Click on the cows in the bottom right to get your level code (if you want to come back and play later).

Play the flash game: German Cow Game (I'm not even sure what the real name is!).

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tom's Trap-O-Matic

Can you help Tom trap Jerry in this puzzle game? Build a better mouse trap on the blue print and you will see. Place each part of the trap in the right spot, but make sure each piece fits. Otherwise, Tom will blow his top.

That's right, it's Tom and Jerry in a game you always thought you could do better than Tom could.

Play Tom's Trap-O-Matic at

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick Quack

Quick Quack is a shooting gallery of ducks. You want to shoot the ducks in order of number and color to get the longest streak you can. The longer you can go, the bigger the prizes in tokens and bonus ducks.

Tip: The wild ducks can really help you out of a tight spot. As with all clubpogo games, the game itself is only half of the fun. There's a real community there. And you can use your tokens to win cash and prizes.

Quick Quack is a game from clubpogo.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Polar Rescue

One penguin, one mission. It's Polar Rescue.

It's an adventure where you can bounce and shoot your way through. Make sure you get all the stars to move on. Shift to shoot, space to jump, left and right arrows to move. 1,2 are your choice of weapons keys.

Play Polar Rescue at venusarcade.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Exile the Game

Escape from prison and exile in this new adventure from miniclip. It's a top down adventure story where you can play as a swordsman or a bowman (harder, IMHO). Swing or shoot away at any of the enemies that come near (left mouse button). Explore, collect keys to locked doorways, and eat food to reenergize.

For any RPG enthusiasts, this will be a fun escape.

Tips: Don't eat the food unless you have to. Use the keys sparingly (as you can collect as many as you want). It will make life easier for you. When using the sword, swing away, you have a wider reach than you might realize at first. When using the bow, make sure you run, run, run away while firing at your opponents. They are slow to swing at you, so you should be able to run past them before they can swing at you. Be careful where you run, though. If you get too close to the door, you will automatically pass through. And that's quite a pain, since you could end up fighting enemies on both sides of the doorway.

Play Exile at miniclip.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Smart Stick Adventure 2 1/2

How many ways can you kill your stick man? That probably should have been the title to this little puzzle game. But no, it's just a matter of solving the puzzle by clicking on the various objects in the right order. If you do it in the wrong order, however, you will need to start over (due to the probably bloddy death of your stickman). There's a walkthrough below if you get stuck.

It has a disappointing ending, but just getting past the *!^!$# snake was rewarding, I guess. There's also adventure 1 and 2 to try out. Between them they should be able to keep you busy for a while. These Smart Stick adventures are like Hapland 2 and 3 or samarost, but not as good. The hapland series is certainly harder, while samarost has better graphics. This is more like Puzzleland, although the timing can be trickier.

Play Smart Stick Adventure 2 1/2 at prikedelik.

Walkthrough in case you get stuck:
Level 1:
Click the Click here message
Click on the light green door
Click on the blue trap door on the floor (you won't be able to open it)
Click on the vertical board to your left.
Click on the jet pack
Click on the blue trap door to move your stick man back over.
Click on the jet pack.
Do not click on the lever that is on the upper level.
Click on the second level (the one below you)
Click on this lever to open the trap door.
Click on the trap door. Level 1 will be complete.

Level 2:
Click to your left to move over.
Click on the passage way below you.
Click above the chasm to jump up and hold on. Click immediately to your right, and then again. If you do this too slow, you will fall into the (lava?).
Click to your right and you will see a stairway. A snake will appear at the bottom who will jump at you. Click just below your stick guy to make him duck (need to time this). Click the bottom of the stair well.
When the glowing portal moves to you, click on it to finish level 2.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Little John's Archery 2

Little John's Archery 2 is another in a long line of archery shooters, but this one stands out (a little bit) from the crowd for it's graphics. The archer just looks cool this time around.

Other than that it's pretty basic archery game. Click and hold the left mouse button. Move your mouse to the left, adjusting your power and your angle in order to hit the targets downrange. Make sure to hit the targets before time runs out.

Play Litte John's Archery 2 at flashgames247.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Over 3,200 flash and java games listed

I saw this over at popular list. Take a look for your favorite games/categories at this list of over 3,200 flash and java games.

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Parking Zone

Parking Zone is a straightforward puzzle game. Click on a car to make it move to the empty space. The object is to get each car into it's matching color spot. Sometimes the simplest games can be the most fun to play.

Play Parking Zone at nothingtodo. They've labeled it as a strategy game, but I would categorize it as a puzzle game.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Swoop to nuts

Swoop to nuts is a game I first saw at jayisgames. Although swoop to nuts is a fairly simple game top play, you could end up addicted very quickly. You are a flying squirrel trying to collect as many nuts as you can before you head indoors for winter. Move your mouse left to swoop up and slow down and right to speed up and move down. Collect the nuts to get points and energy, and fly high to get mega points by hitting the stars. But stars won't give you any energy. Fewer nuts will show up the farther you go.

I had a lot of trouble with this game at first, I kept overcompensating swinging the mouse back and forth way too far. By increasing my control (moving the mouse less), I was able to fly much farther.

Play Swoop to Nuts by fusionary media.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Snowman Salvage

Drag snow together to build a snowman. Keep him alive by packing on more snow. Unfortunately, your neighbors are obviously jealous of your snowman making abilities and they have power tools! Look out for the bulldozers while building enough snowmen to move on to the next level.

Be quick or your snowmen will melt. Gather together snow after it builds up, but you have to have a quick mouse for this one.

Play Snoman Salvage at venus arcade.

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Fly guy

I'm not sure if this site classifies as a game or not, but it is a lot of fun. Interact with whatever and whoever you find by 'flying' around. It's Fly Guy.

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Monday, January 02, 2006


Ploop is a simple adventure game/find your way through the maze game. Use your arrow keys to find your way through the maze. Collect the balls as you go and avoid the enemies and traps and you should be fine. Keep in mind the traps will not be activated until you get nearby, so go take your time.

Play ploop at

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