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Monday, January 23, 2006

Chicken Little, the game

Chicken Little has missed the bus and it's up to you to help him get to school on time. Follow the bus as it heads to school, but it leaves the screen quickly so make sure you mark where it goes.

If you can, use the skateboard to increase your speed, but as the week goes along, it quickly becomes harder to use for more than a couple of seconds. There are just too many obstacles in the road and you can't use it off the road (hit spacebar to get off safely). Make sure to freeze time by grabbing the watch when it appears and take shortcuts through the sewer. Keep in mind that you can only use 'open' manhole covers. If you don't just drop right in, it's not open (even if someone else is peeking out of it).

This is a kids game and really not that challenging. There are only five levels (Monday through Friday) and the only objective is to beat the clock and get the best score possible. I was never late my first time playing. But the graphics are fun, and if you do have kids, they may enjoy playing it. The REM music in the background is a definite plus.

Play Chicken Little at Miniclip.

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  1. I think this web site is one of the most interesting at this moment so I linked to it so I can come back later and try the games out. I just love little old time video games.

    Thanks for all the games. Keep them coming.