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Friday, January 13, 2006

German Cow Game

I first saw this game at GEG. Get your cow to the goal to complete each level. Some levels are harder than others, but some are so easy to be funny.

Place an arrow to guide the cows where you want to. You may need to get a key to open a door, or you may need to move a hay bale, or you may need one cow to move another.

My strategy is to test as I go along. I place some arrows and see what happens. There's no penalty for trying, so hit the 'run' button and get the cows moving faster. Also, red arrows will disappear after a cow passes over it, but blue arrows stay.

If you happen to understand German (I think it's German?), the directions for each level may be interesting/helpful. Unfortunately, I can't read them. That didn't stop me from enjoying this game. Click on the cows in the bottom right to get your level code (if you want to come back and play later).

Play the flash game: German Cow Game (I'm not even sure what the real name is!).

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