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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Snow Boarding

Stuck inside, but wish you were on a board? Are you goofy?

Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Perform tricks using by jumping in the air (push the space bar to jump up). Once in the air, push an arrow key then hit the space bar again to perform the trick. Tail grab (left), back flip (up), right arrow (360), and down arrow (method) will get you where you want to go. Big tricks will give you time bonuses. Combos are even better.

Keep in mind the objective is to shoot the gates (trees) and get to the bottom with the fastest time.

Play snowboarding at

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  1. Wish I had that much time on my hands, but I rather be on my real board :-)

    Kewl site btw.

  2. I'm glad you like the site snider.

    I wish I had time to learn how to board myself. I tried it once and I was in real pain by the end of the day. I was never really able to figure out how to get back to an upright position when I had the board attached to my feet.