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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Samarost 2

Samarost 2 is out and just as much fun as the first samarost. Last time, you had to save your home from the oncoming asteroid. This time, invading aliens have landed on your planetoid, taken some fruit, and then kidnapped your dog! The chase is on!

Samarost is a point and click, solve the puzzle to move on, myst-like game. It's fairly straightforward, and you can't die, so keep clicking and eventually you'll get everything done. If you get stuck, there's a nice walkthrough at BlueTea.

Play Samarost 2 at

Want to play hapland 2 or hapland 3 instead? Or perhaps you're looking for other games that are similar? Samarost or a simpler game would be Puzzleland.

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