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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lucky Clover

Want to get frustrated looking for a needle in haystack? Then try out lucky clover. The premise is extremely simple. Find the four leaf clover (7 of them) in a field of clover. If you pull out 7 three leaf clovers, you'll lose. Find all 7 four leaf clovers and you win!

This game is find waldo, but much harder. Take your time (although you are being timed) and make a methodical search. If your mouse gets close to the scoreboard/timer, it will move to the other side.

Play Lucky Clover at eatmygames (created by freeonlinegames, I believe).

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  1. This is totally intended for people who are totally bored.

    I could be one of them.

    Dr. Fil

  2. Oh, yes. This is a total time waster. No point whatsoever. I mean, can you even brag about it?

  3. Hi hi, i hope you dont mind I blog this game out on my site?

    cheers... :>

  4. Of course not. Feel free to do so. It's a ridiculously hard game to play, though!