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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hot Shot Business

Disney has come out with a business sim. Keep on top of what your customer wants, make sure you have the stations to produce what you need. Keep your marketing campaigns going and save the local economy.

In my case, I ran a candy shop, but there are several other businesses to choose from, including pet spa owner and comic shop guru.

Become a hot shot entrepeneur at disney.

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  1. hi. i just dropped by to say that you keep a really cool blog here -- gaming blogs rule, hehe ;) while my own blog isn't exactly a gaming one, i do post some gaming pieces from time to time (1, 2), so i guess we share the same passion.

    i hope u won't mind my linking to your site. will visit by again to pick up new bits of gaming goodness. more power to you!

    Corsarius (