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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Soca Soccer

Choose your nationality and get kicking. Kick the ball (left mouse click) and keep it in the air as long as you can. Try to get the bonuses, but look out for the pirate as he'll take away points. Not a hard game, but should keep you occupied for a while.

Although this isn't really a soccer game, it is a soccer ball you're keeping in the air. They probably should have called it hackey sack or something. The music got on my nerves after a while, but it's better than some.

Play Soca Soccer at juggernart.

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  1. Hi and thanks for posting the game.
    The game was named soca soccer because it is dedicated to the soccer team of Trinidad and Tobago, the "Soca Worriors", who managed to get into the FIFA soccer worldcup 2006 in Germany.
    The music played in the game is called "Soca", allthough unusual style.
    If the music goes on your nerves, you have the option to change the volume and turn it off by pressing the "-" and "+" keys of the number pad. ;-D
    The game gets more difficult, the more poibts you have.

  2. Juggernart, thanks for the update. I had no idea about the Soca Warriors.