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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Bowmaster is for all of you 'defend your castle' addicts out there. Better gameplay with more options make this an all around good game to play (all day long). XP upgrades, archers, catapults, more power, more weapons, etc... Defend your town (and castle) from the invading armies.

Pull back the green dot and let it fly (hold down the left mouse button, pull back and then let go) to fire on the approaching army. Buy archers and catapults to fire at will, but don't forget to use the aiming buttons for them. Also, upgrade their rate of fire in order for these backups to become truly useful.

While I found this game fun, I have to admit, some parts were frustrating. On some levels, the opposing catapults could hit my townspeople before I could do anything about it. Also, the ogres can be too slow. Waiting for that last big guy to come in range can be boring.

One really nice thing is how you can close out and start back up with all your xp back. You need to repurchase everything you had before, but not having to start over at level 1 is a really nice feature.

Categorize this under: Strategy, Shooter, Action

Play bowmaster at lostvectors. Other great games from lostvectors include: red dragon and gunmaster urban warfare. You might recognize a few characters in the new game taken from the old ones.

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