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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Doctor Who Cyberman Game

The Doctor Who Cyberman Game is a mixture of so many games, I'm sure I'm missing some of them. Between Risk, top down shooter, rock paper scissors, etc... they've managed to put together a top rate game.

You start out with some territories (think Risk map with more shipping routes) and your opponent (the cybermen) also start out with some territories. You can either attack your opponent, attack a neutral country, or you can recruit. Keep in mind that you have the opportunity to move armies from one country to another every turn.

If you attack a neutral country, you take it over automatically. Attacking (or defending against) the cybermen opens up an attack window in which you can see your armies. In a game of rock, paper, scissors your choices decide the outcome of each battle. You can attack, defend or outflank your opponent. Attack is strong against defend. Defend is strong against outflank. And outflank is strong against attack. If both armies are destroyed, the country will revert to neutral.

Once you've taken over one of their main countries, you have the option of attacking their bases. In a top down 3D shooter, you need to make your way through the simple maze to the transmitter. Destroy all the transmitters to win the war. It can take a lot of hits to destroy a base defender. You may be better off just avoiding them, if you can. If you can't avoid, try to get your opponent stuck on a wall. Then you can fire away at them for however long it takes. Control your hero with the arrow keys and fire with the ctrl key.

Each time you take a turn to recruit, every country you occupy gets a new army. Which is why it's so important to keep in mind you can move once every turn.

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Play Doctor Who: Cyberman Game at bbc.

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