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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trapped - Walkthrough

Trapped is another in a long line of 'help, I've woken up and I don't know where I am click your way to freedom puzzle games'. This one is a little different though. With an actual plot and a switch at the end into a shooter (although it's very easy to shoot your way out), this one is a little better than most.

This time, you've woken up in a bathroom, the door's locked, and you don't know how to get out.

Spoiler alert!

Walkthrough follows!

Turn up the volume (if you have it turned off, a lot of the story will be lost on you).

Turn on the light. Pick up the stocking on the sink. Turn right and pick up the bible (surprisingly, you remember that you aren't a christian, although you still don't know your name). You can read the instructions on the wall and take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Turn back and look down to get the wallet. Take the fake finger out of the wallet.

Turn to the toilet, click on the matchbook (matches will fall to the floor). Look down to pick up the matches under the toilet.

Click on the nail over the poster to see the safe.

Click on the matches then the matchbook. Light the match, then 'close' the matchbook. Click on the finger and then light it on fire with the lit match. An object will be revealed that you can use to pick the lock (not the door to the balcony).

Open the door. Click on the stocking to cover your face.

Talk to the guy with the gun. Tell him you have everything under control.

Close the door, then click on the drawer to get the screwdriver. Look to your left. Click on the vent to look in.

Turn left again. Free the housekeeper. Talk to her (click on the face up above in your inventory). Keep talking to her until everything has been said.

Go back to the bed and unscrew the bracket holding it to the wall. Go back to the housekeeper and ask her to help you move the bed. Get the key from above the bookcase.

Go back into the bathroom. (Forget something?) Click on the door back in to the room (He'll refuse to go). Turn to the balcony door and use the key to get out.

You'll get shot at this point. Click on the guy who shot you to change into his clothes. Click on the rope to go down. Kill the snipers.

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