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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mercury Drops

Mercury Drops is a surprisingly fun, but simple game. Your objective is to survive by acquiring other mercury drops. The trick is, if you merge with another drop that is bigger than you are, you're the one that gets merged.

Simply point your mercury drop (marked by the star in the middle) in the direction you want using the mouse. There's no need to click.

Like the survival fish games, where you need to eat the smaller fish while avoiding the larger ones, this game is surprisingly fun. What's different about it this game is the levels. You have to beat each level as it comes, and what's worse is the more drops there are, the more likely a bunch of drops will merge on the other side and soon become too large for you to avoid or win.

Categorize this under: Arcade (I'm not sure it fits under any of my definitions, and so Arcade it is).

Play Mercury Drops at quickflashgames.

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