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Friday, August 04, 2006

Haluz - Walkthrough

Haluz was obviously inspired by samarost and samarost 2. A point and click adventure and puzzle game, it's a nice visual escape for a short time. Help your little green hero retrieve the satellite dish from the large bird who has stolen it.

If you get stuck, I'll post a walkthrough below.

This was a fairly fun puzzle game, although there are a couple of really annoying points where it's almost impossible to get the object into the right spot (i.e. the ruler near the end). It's also pretty short, but the visuals are excellent.

Thanks go to jayisgames for pointing out this game.

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Play Haluz at haluz.eu.

Another similar game to samarost was recently created called (not as well done) wogger. Other recent point and click adventure games include Smart Stick Adventures 2 1/2, Hapland 3, and Puzzleland.

After the opening sequence ends, click on the doors of the smoke house on the right side. See the cheese? Move it to the smaller of the two holes on the right side of the cliff. A snake will extend to eat the mouse that comes to eat the cheese. Your hero will walk across the snake and scare off the bird. The chase is on!

After you crash land and fall out of the parachute click on the peg holding the rope. Move it to your crashed rocket to creat a support. Then click on the platform (lift) to move your way up.

See the windmill? Click on it, but wait, the local resident protests you stealing his windmill. You need to distract him first. Wait for him to come back out and run to the outhouse, then click on the windmill again. After the fall, click on the windmill and move it to the back of your rocket. Click on the engine from the lift and move it into your rocket. You now have a boat.

In the next scene, you'll see a tuba sitting atop a snail. Click on it to get eaten by the snake. Cross the electric wires (red and green) and click in the center of the far right wheel on the treadmill to move to the right side.

You can then play snake charmer by turning on the music box. Click on the boom box and fix the tape so that it can play. Click on the switch to get it to play (notice how the snake moves its head way up?. Place feather on to the pole, then place the pole on top of the snake. Play the music. You'll get sneezed out.

Move the feather onto the fire. Click on the flower on the right hand side to get the hummingbird to fly over and blow the smoke to the left. Click on the tuba to get the snake to come back out. He'll be stunned by the smoke and your hero will jump onto the back of the snail/tuba.

Grab the larger birds fishing rod and attach it to the head of the snail. Grab the light that was sneezed out of the snake and attach it to the pole. Your snail will move out and up the tree.

(Almost done!) Once you've stopped moving, click on the hole to the right to get your hero to jump in it and climb up to the hole at the top. Click on your hero to make him move back into the hole and move out onto the top of the branch. The bird will be scared off.

Click on the spoon. Move the satellite dish into the spoon. Place both of the razor blades onto the back of the spoon. Place the ruler onto the middle of the spoon (it took me a while to find the right spots for these objects). Place the nail in the center of the ruler/spoon to attach it. Click on your hero. He'll float home on his newly made glider. Enjoy the ending.


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