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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Wogger is similar to Samarost or Samarost 2, you need to point and click your way through the adventure. Most of the time you will spend looking for the next place to click. But, if you liked Samarost, you will like Woggers.

My thanks go to jayisgames for pointing this gem out.

Your objective (although it's not clear at the beginning, just keep going and it will be) is to make a nice little home for the little red guy. He'll need some grass to sit on, fresh water and a nice light.

Hint: If you get really stuck and just want to skip ahead, right click and hit play.

I'll try to post a walkthrough in the comments section.

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Play Wogger at wogger.


  1. Walkthrough for Wogger:

    At the bottom of the big green lantern is a little green dot. Click on it to light the lamp.

    The newspaper and the words wogger will appear. Click on the words to get them out of the way.

    In the center of the paper is a spinning world. Click on it.

    The stars around the newspaper appear to be a little too sparkly. Click on them one at a time. (If you pay close attention, numbers seem to appear on the newspaper).

    In the center of the (lock?) there is a little red light. Click on it to activate it. Then click on the numbers in the order they appear on the newspaper.

    The paper will split, revealing a spider poking its head out. Grab (just click on it) the matchstick next to the bug and bring it down to the fire that is in the middle of the paper. The crack will light on fire and the bug will come out.

    At the left top of the newspaper there is a bright spot. Click on it and the spider will move towards it. Once the spider has stopped moving, note the star above is a little bit brighter than the others. Click on it and the spider will attach itself to it. The newspaper will crack apart and go away.

    Click on the star the spider is attached to. Then click on the other stars to create a web (just move over to the other stars in a clockwise motion... if its the right star, the pointer will change).

    Once the web forms, click on the spider. It will make its way up to the star, then click on the center of the web to make the spider through the (brightness?) into the center of the web.

    Along comes our red hero who gets stuck in the web. Click on the spider to get it to move off the web. Click on the (brightness) in the center of the web. Bring it over to your lantern and click again to light the lamp.

    Click on the star the spider is attached to you and bring him over to the fan on the raft. Click again to make the fan tilt down. The heat from the lantern causes the fan to turn, moving our heros raft upwards.

    On the mast, there is a red light. Click on it to get the fan to move upright once again. Your hero is free to go home.

    Once your anchor is away and you are attached to your island, click on the little red light on the mast once again to move your raft down to the ground.

    Click on the light again to put the fan upright. Your hero will move to the center of the island. On the left side of the island is a little green patch. Click on it and your hero will move over to it. He will daydream about his island being covered in green (grass, I assume, although it could be moss?).

    In the center of the island, there is a table. Click on the lamp to light it. Your hero will get up and move to the center of the island. Notice how he's looking up to the right?

    Click on your fan (on the raft) and bring it over to the top of the mountain. Click on the red light on the raft to get it spinning. This will get the water running. Then turn the water off.

    Notice the cleft on the left side (close to where you were sitting on the grass earlier?). Click on it (you may have to click on it twice). This will get some machinery running which will open up a door down below.

    Click on the landing spot (the door that opened up). Then click on the open doorway to get your hero to jump down and then enter the doorway into his island.

    Your hero will walk down the pathway, scaring a fly into the next room. Grab the fly when he lands and put him into the center of the web. This will distract the spiders, allowing you to jump down.

    See the long stick your hero is almost standing on. Follow the stick all the way down to where you can click on it. Bring the stick up to where your hero is standing. Just below and to the right of your hero is a spot you can place this stick. The stick will fall (I guess I should call this a lever) draining the water.

    Your hero will climb up. Click on the little lever right next to his eyeballs. The submarine will come up. Click on the submarine to enter it. Keep your mouse on the submarine as it falls. As it gets to the intersection, it will become clickable. Click on it to move right. If you don't, you will fall out of the island. You will have to click on the webbing you land on to bounce your way back in where you can try again.

    Once the sub stops, click on the two arrows just below it until they both point to the right. That will open up the doorway.

    Click on the sub to open up. Click on the arrows above the sub. The two on the left should end up pointing left, the two on the right should point to the right.

    Click on the light that appears in the center of the doorway that opens up. Your hero starts daydreaming again. Place the light in the upper left corner of the daydream.

    Click on the arrows to the right of the doorway on the right till they point left. This will open up the doorway. Click on the webbing between your hero and the doorway. Your hero will walk over.

    Click on the same arrows till they point to the right. This will close the doorway. A fly will buzz around and some webbing will drop down. Click up near the top of the webbing to climb up and out of your water well.

    A message will appear in a bubble that floats up from the right. If you know what it says, I'd love to hear.

    That's the end of the game (I believe). Although, you can get the fish in the water to float up by pointing your cursor at it. Make it soar into the sky.

    This was long!

  2. Anonymous9:11 AM

    The bubble says:
    You did it!!!!

    Here ends Woggers adventurous journey...one day it will continue, perhaps tomorrow.

    Then you can sign up to the newsletter.

  3. Thank you anonymous. I was really curious about what that said. I got the hurray part, but beyond that...

  4. The bubble says:
    You made it!!!!
    Here ends Waggers adventurous travel...
    One day it will continue, -maybe already tomorrow."

    Loved the game, -thank you for helping with leading my submarine in the right direction :)

  5. Sol, I'm glad I could help. I hate it when I get stuck somewhere. It's just so frustrating.

  6. great walkthrough, but you do realise there are still 11 more levels after this one

  7. Angel: Do you mean the wogger minis (for lack of a better term). You can find the walkthrough here: http://gamesontheweb.blogspot.com/2007/01/wogger-mini-walkthrough.html