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Monday, July 17, 2006

Gamma Bros

Gamma Bros is a space shooter designed to look like the 'games of old.' The brothers Buzz and Zap are heading out (take your pick, they are the same) on their daily commute home (seems familliar to me.. I wonder if this is based on my commute?) when they come under attack by lots and lots of aliens who want nothing better to gather together and shoot them down. Oh, and don't forget to shoot down or dodge those asteroids, too.

You can tag out when your brother shows up, plus just because your ship blows up doesn't necessarily mean you will die. You'll come out of your ship in your own space suit, but best of all, you won't lose those power ups you bought from the traveling salesman who floats by every once in a while. Also, if you switch out, your brother gets the same power ups.

The password for level 3 is there in the picture (if you can read it). I lasted 1455 seconds, how about you? My accuracy was way down because I like to hold down the firing key.

Control your ship using the arrow keys. Fire left, down, right, and up using ASDW.

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Play GAMMA BROS at pixeljam. Found at jayisgames.

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