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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Top 10 Most Popular Games

Over the past 30 days, this site has had a lot of traffic because of the following games. What's your favorite game?

1. Escape From Rhetundo Island
2. Smart Stick Adventure 2 1/2
3. Hapland 3
4. Parking Perfection 2
5. Super Mario Bros
6. Orbox B
7. Jungle Gin
8. Wogger
9. Chronon
10. Online Adventures

Hapland 3 and its mate, Escape from Rhetundo Island, caused quite a stir when they were released, and I received quite a bit of traffic after posting walkthroughs. The same goes for Chronon, so I owe a thank you to foon and eyezmaze for creating those great games . Smart Stick Adv 2 1/2 (I believe) receives a lot of traffic as an indirect result. Wogger has a full walkthrough posted as well, and so, again, I'm not surprised to see it near the top despite being so new (I also have a link to the walkthrough at digg, so that helps).

Parking Perfection 2 was quite a surprise to me. It was one of the first games I got a lot of hits for reviewing, and I almost didn't do it. It just wasn't one of my favorites, but I got addicted to it despite my frustration. So...

Super Mario Bros is a classic and I've posted many tips for those who get frustrated at Orbox, so I suppose it's no surprise to see them in the top 10.

Online Adventures is my summary for puzzle pirates and Runescape. Both are great games and both receive a lot of attention (Runescape in particular) in the online world.

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