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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Osiris is an online adventure, croft like, 2-d adventure. Shoot, jump and duck your way past multiple enemies over multiple levels to get to the treasure.

I had real trouble avoiding some of the dangerous items here. It's really easy to get too close to the spikes or blades, even when you're ducking under them. Also, keep in mind that some creatures are vulnerable in one spot only. So, don't waste your ammo.

You can move/jump/duck with the arrows or aswd keys. Sprint by holding down the space bar (or ctrl button). You can pan the camera with zxc, but the camera may move on its own. Fire with the mouse button and change weapons with the scroll wheel or select your gun of choice with the numbers 1-5.

Here's a tip for you... look out for holes in the ground.

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Play Osiris at armorgames.

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