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Friday, July 14, 2006

Four Second Fury

Four second fury is a hard game to describe because its many games in one. Each game lasts only four seconds and you may need to avoid objects, hit objects, shake a can, move from one side to the other, shoot something, etc...

Each game is (of course) very simple since you need to finish each one in four seconds. Here's a warning, however. The music is set a little too loud. You may want to turn down your speakers before going to play.

The controls are simple using the arrow keys and the space bar. The hard part is figuring out in four seconds which arrow keys to use or when to hit the space bar. Each time you 'lose' a game for whatever reason, you lose a life. The objective is to keep on playing.

I like that every time you play the games come in different orders, so each time you play is a little bit different. You can still get a lot farther the second time, however, as the games will repeat (did that make sense?)

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Play Four Second Fury at jmtb02.

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