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Monday, June 19, 2006

Red Dragon

Red Dragon is a flash shooter. Control your dragon as he flies around the screen shooting up various enemies. Just be careful about your weapon choice, as some enemies reflect certain elements, while other elements can do greater damage. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind how much ammo you have for each weapon. Running out of fire elements can be easy to do, but not very healthy in the long run.

Use your mouse to point the way. Your dragon will reflect fire off his topside (red), and deflect cold with his belly (white). Choose your ammo carefully (1-6). BTW, number 6 is the spike bombs. After firing them, hit space bar to activate them (hard to hit anything, but good damage when you do). Each enemy has a particular weakness. Find it and blow them out of the sky. Also, don't waste your ammo. It's very easy to go on a shooting spree, then realize you can't take out the next guy.

I was going to post this five days ago, but the site seemed to be having real problems. It's up now, so here you go.

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Play Red Dragon at lostvectors. First seen at JayisGames.

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