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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Zwok is set in a time unknown in a place unknown, where harmony rules all. Except for those strange few who just need to vent a little bit. And so a game was created called Zwok, where those strange few could gather and start whacking each other with oversized balls.

Basically, zwok is a team version of tanks. Move your character left or right (position yourself wisely) and then aim and set your power using your mouse. You have two choices for your ammo (if you sign up the 'lazy' way) and five if you actually sign in. If you sign in, you also get to rank and see the high score table.

Unfortunately, you can't talk to your partners or taunt your enemies. Your character will say creative things like score or oops (when he hits himself with a ricochet). But it would be nice to cuss out your partners when they hit you in the back of the head. Which is too bad, because otherwise this could be a great game.

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Play Zwok at zwok-game.

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