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Monday, June 26, 2006

Dice Wars

Dice wars is strangely familiar, but that just may be a reaction to all those years of playing risk. A randomly drawn map has been generated, and its up to you to conquer all. Roll your dice and if your sum adds up to more than your opponents, you get to take his square. Lose, and it's back to dice one for you.

Play against up to 7 other computer players. Five seems to be a good compromise, but try them all.

Choose which territory you want to attack with and then choose which territory to attach. All the dice you have on your territory will roll. All the the defensive dice will roll. Whoever rolls the highest will win (ties go to the defender). If the attacker wins, he gets the territory and all but one dice will move onto the newly acquired space. If the defender wins, all but one die are lost.

Replacement die will be placed randomly after your turn. Only eight die can be placed on any one square. Strategy is bigger than you think in this game. Just as in Risk, controlling a section of the board can give you defense in depth, allowing you to advance cautiously. Attack to much in one round and you may leave the way open for your opponent to take a lot of territory back in the next round.

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