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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law puts you in charge of pulling pranks on the father as he tries to get going in the morning. Put wiskey in his cereal, get him to trip on his baby's toy car. Just have some fun. All the directions are in dutch(I think... I can't read it!), so it's hard to see what the whole story line is. It looks like you're a devil in training.

As a side note, I can only get 175, but it says 180 is the maximum. If you go and play and get that 180, I'd appreciate if you left a walkthrough in the comments. Thanks!

Murphy's Law 2 lets you pull some pranks on Santa as he comes to visit your house. I'm wondering if you're going to get coal for Christmas this year!

Play Murphy's Law at funnyandfun or Murphy's Law 2 (Pranks on Santa) at funny-base.

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Update: Murphy's Law 3 and 4 Walkthrough


  1. Murphy's Law 2 walkthrough:
    Murphys Law 2 Walkthrough:

    To do before santa is down the chimney:
    - put the newspaper (Zeitung) into the chimney
    - put the wood (Holz) into the chimney
    - put it on fire with the lighter (Feuerzeug)
    - put all rockets except one (one rocket after the other) into the fire

    -unwarp the little red gift and put the Death-metal CD into the stereo
    -grab the stone in the indoor plant above the stereo and put it into
    the cracker pot on the table
    - unpack the big present and build the robot exactli in this order:
    -set the torso on the bottom part
    -set the head on the torso
    -set the batterie into the torso
    -set the robotarms on the robot

    - grab the darts next the stereo and put it into the robot
    - grab the cat to the far left below the window and put it into santas big bag
    - grap the gas/petrol can an drop it over the TV corner where thelightener is
    - grap the last rocket and put it into the vase

    when santa smashes the robot:
    - click on the cupboard/box in the left and get the mousetraps and out them onto the floor before the door

    wait till santa put the green present below the tree then:
    - get the skateboard behind him and set it on the floor in santas back
    - unpack the green present and take the bowilg ball and put it above the window to the right.

    when santa drops the lightener and hit the wall:
    -grab the lightener on the floor and put the rocket in the vase under fire

    when santa turns to you and crusing:
    -take the hamster and put it on him

    -when he is out of the house hurry to switch the traffic light to green.

  2. Anonymous4:24 AM

    The game is in German, not Dutch.

    Dutch girl

  3. I stand corrected. Thanks Dutch girl!

  4. Anonymous5:07 PM

    to get 180 points.when santa rolls back on the skateboard and hits the wall the vase is knoked over. if you grab the lighter and light the firework it will spring about and hit the bowling ball wich will fall on his head.

  5. How do I build the robot?? :S I know the orders but I don't know how and where to assemble it. :(

  6. You assemble it right where it is unwrapped.

  7. Anonymous1:59 AM

    santa comes down the chimney to quick!

  8. Anonymous1:19 PM

    it's a funny games...

    I LIKE IT!!!!