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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Murphys Law 3 and 4 Walkthrough

Murphys Law 4Murphys Law is your chance to play the devil in training. Move things around, hide things, and basically turn one mans big day into his worst day ever through the mischances you set up.

In the Murphys Law 3, the object is to ruin the old mans big day. He's about to be interviewed and your job is to make him come out as bad as possible. Some of the themes are adult, so discretion is advised.

In Murphys Law 4, you're going to ruin the mans haircut and preparation (I think he's a politician).

I'll post walkthroughs in the comments section, so that I don't ruin your experience by giving it all away up here.

Play Murphy's Law 3 at flashgamesite.

Play Murphy's Law 4 at funny-games.

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  1. Murphys Law 3 Walkthrough (some of this is adult. You may not want to play this game at work):

    There is a sprayer on the table on the left, put it into his glass on the desk (his desk is to the right) before he drinks it.

    Glue his flash cards together (glue is on his desk), flash cards are on the pile in the middle.

    The bear trap is on the upper right bookshelf. Take it and put it on the floor in the middle.

    Open the cupboard in the middle to find the marijuana. Take a leaf and put it in his cup on the table to the left.

    There is a video on the floor just to the left of the screen. Put it into the vcr under the tv.

    While he is changing, click on his belt and pull the knob on the fan to get it to twirl around, pulling the screen away.

    Grab the panties off of the back of the couch and then click on his suit.

    While he is fuming after everyone else leaves, tip over the gas can at his feet and grab the lighter that was dropped (bottom left). Set him on fire.

  2. Murphy's Law 4 Walkthrough:

    Grab the white bottle from the floor on the right and replace the hairspray on the table.

    Grab the makeup in the purse (on the floor) and replace the makeup on the desk.

    Take the bag of gunpowder on the coat rack (to the left) and pour it over the cigars (to the right).

    Put the oil (bottom left) into the champagne bucket.

    As the hairdresser uses the scissors, shake some pepper out to make her sneeze. The pepper grinder is on the table next to the bowl of fruit.

    As she uses the hairspray, use the lighter (bottom left) to light his hair on fire.

    A man will enter the room after the hairdresser leaves. After he leaves, spill the oil can (bottom right next to the furnace.

    Hit the thermostat on the furnace to completely ruin his day.

  3. Both of these are sendoffs of German politicians - the first refers to a power struggle in the Christian Democrats (Stoiber, the fellow portrayed, was the top man in Bavaria for a while and was the leading challenger for Merkel, who's currently chancellor). Murphy's Law 4 refers to Schroeder, who was head of the Social Democrats and, until the most recent federal elections, was chancellor of Germany. (The other fellow who came in was his Green foreign minister, Joschka Fischer).

  4. I never would have known that. Thanks qlf.

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    umm the game rules!

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    this game is.............of the hook

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    funny funny funny

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    i love murheys laws
    I finisshed the office one!!!