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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Battlefield General

Battlefield General is an RTS game. Well, it's as close to an RTS game I've seen in a flash game, at least. Build up your troops and attack your enemy. Each level has its own goals. On some, you'll need to fend off attackers, while building up your troop strength so that you can attack their castle. In others, you just need to make enough money to please the emperor.

The game is 'based' in China. The emperor is building the great wall and needs all of your excess cash to build his grand project. But if you don't make enough money, he'll penalize you so that you enter the next level with even less cash.

There's no resource gathering, aside from killing the enemy or raiding (destroying) enemy strongholds. That makes it easier to concentrate on your strategy. The best weapon is the cannon, but can be easily destroyed once an opponent gets close enough. I found the best way to cope was to build several cannons in depth, so that the ones in back can defend the ones in front (preferably from towers). Also, try to position them on hills so that anyone trying to rush the cannons has to slow down, allowing the cannon enough time to decimate even large groups.

For attacking, you probably want to use two cannons and some horsemen to lure others in. Probe with a horseman, drawing attackers into an cannon ambush (preferably from on top of a mountain). But be careful as the AI will turn your horseman around to attack if he gets hit.

The enemy AI isn't all that smart, and the website keeps trying to pop up (or under) ads which is quite annoying. Also, the 2D aspect can make it hard to determine who's who sometimes. But a free flash RTS game is pretty rare and I was able to deal with it. One nice feature is being able to save your game. So you can go back an replay any level you want.

Play Battlefield General at freeworldgroup.

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