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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Galves Adventure Walkthrough

Galves AdventureGalves Adventure is a hapland - like game from the creator of Grow. Get the baby to the top of the level, but make sure he's prepared to take on the lion. Once he takes the lion down, he'll save the baby girl and save the day.

Frustrating to say the least, it's so easy to get stuck in these point and click adventures. I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section, so feel free to help yourself to a less frustrating afternoon.

There are multiple endings possible, so you should keep trying different things if you like this game.

Play Galves Adventure at kotarogame.


  1. Galves Adventure Walkthrough:

    Click on the two doorways on hte second level that are the farthest to the left and the farthest to the right.
    Click on the gopher.
    Click on the barrel, then the elephant, then the baby to get the first marker for the grow game.
    Click on the baby again to be captured by the spider.
    Click on the crab to get him out of his hole.
    Click on the elephant to raise and drop the barrel a couple more times. The barrel will eventually drop.
    Click on the pipe you just exposed. When the cloud gets over the boulder, click on the pipe to the right of it. The clouds will merge (if they don't, you have to start over and get the timing better). When the cloud moves over the gopher, click on the pipe that is behind the tree (second level on the right). Again, this needs to be timed correctly so the clouds merge and it becomes a black cloud.

    When the black cloud passes over the cork, click it.

    Click on the bear. Click on the heart still on the tree on the right. Click on the bear. Click on the crab, then click on him again to free up the baby.

    Click on the baby to have him raise the heart up. Click on the monkey in the tree while the heart is raised.

    Click on the gopher to move him back to the left.

    To be done in sequence and with some timing involved: Click on the baby, then the pacifier when it blinks, then click on the gopher when the baby passes over.

    Click on the gopher. Click on the baby. Click on the elephant, and while the rainbow is still there, click on the baby to get him to crawl out on the rainbow.

    Click on the black cloud as it passes over the lion to weaken him.

    Click on the hand, the lips and the shoe to play the grow game.

    Click on the dragon, then click on the baby when he comes back down. Click on the yellow ball to fly over and attack the lion.

    The end!

  2. Thanks sooooo much for the help! I never would've gotten thru w/o the help!

  3. I'm glad I could help.

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM

    how do you do the part after it the grey cloud has gone?
    coz i cant do the heart bit:S