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Friday, April 13, 2007


Onslaught is another tower defense game. What makes this one different is the graphics, the multiple maps, and the combos. But there's no sound, which is disappointing.

The blue tower is a basic projectile tower. The green tower shoots lasers (at a fairly good rate once it's upgraded). And the red tower shoots missiles over a long range. The red tower won't be as fast, but it does a lot of damage. The blue tower doesn't have a lot of range, but it will fire faster. It's only when you put in the combos when this game differentiates itself.

Line up your three towers so that when their damage is fully upgraded, you can take advantage of their combinations. From BFGs, landmines, poison (which slows the enemy) shots to nukes, you can find lots of combos to make this game fun. My only real issue with this game is the combos that you want are pretty hard to set up.

Or, you can go for a laser tower chain (which I find pretty boring, but it does work).

I also like the tips that come up. They make a lot of sense. You should also really read up on the combos on the how to play page.

Play Onslaught at playr.co.uk.

Update: This game is still being developed, so each time you play it, you may find different combos work better.

At the moment, you can do very well with several poison combos scattered around the board. After getting slowed to a standstill, the waves of creeps are hit by nukes using a flower arrangement.

The poison combo is set up using a red, blue, green. Extend the range of the red tower to make sure it's the first one to fire. The nuke flower arrangement goes like this. Set a red tower in the middle of six or more blue towers. The red tower (once you extend the range to guarantee it fires first) will throw out a nuke for every two blue towers within range in short order.

See the top right of the inset image to get an idea of what I mean. I have eight blue towers surrounding a red tower that has maximum range. I also surrounded it with damage upgrades. That way I can send out four nukes in quick succession.


  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    good game

  2. I couldn't agree more. I keep going back to play it again and again.

  3. Anonymous6:40 AM

    heh...what lvls did you guys get to? I got till 474, then it got too boring and extremely hard so i died. Btw, mike, thanks for the tips on the combos, they helped me alot. Although do you know until how many lvls the game is?

  4. I don't believe there is an end level. At least, I've never reached one and I never saw one in the forums. After a while, there are too many enemies on the screen and everything gets bogged down, so I guess you could say it ends then.

  5. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Where are the instructions? I put up the $1200, $2000 and $5000 towers, but they didn't do anything. Are there any cheats?

  6. pompom4:41 PM

    i played the game today i got to lvl-384 kills-3706 spent-£686916 and my score was-2,545,710,696 then i died but the thing is that no matter how far got into the game no matter wot i tryed i never manged to unlock the last two turrets dose any1 now how to unlock them?

  7. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Pompom the last turret doesn't exist. It hasn't been created yet, but the second to last turret will be unlocked when u get to wave 160 and it's called the Combonly turret. Put it beside ur combos that you have made, then the Combonly turret should change color. Click on it and the turrets in your combo become one turret that shoots that combo's special shot.

  8. Anonymous11:50 PM

    wow you guys stink my dad got to wave811 then it froze up :(

  9. Anonymous9:57 AM

    i know a bunch about this game. so i will help my high score may not be high at kills 5405, but dont be fooled i know alot. the turret called the combonly costs 5000 and can be very helpful.you have to put it neaqr a combo, and when you click it when it flashes a color it will absorb the two to five towers that make the combo. red is an rocket combo blue is a cannon combo green is a lazer combo and yellow is a tazer combo.Finally, once it absorbs the components, it only shoots the combo at the enemies! An example of it's usage is with a cannon a cannon and a rocket. together they make a nuke. next, you put the combonly by the three and click it when it turns red and when you do it will absorb all three and become a turret that only shoots nukes. this concludes this tutorial.

  10. Anonymous10:14 AM

    ive unlocked all of the turrets

  11. Anonymous11:12 PM

    for some odd reason i put the combonly in my game and what i had was a nuke and big cluster bomb combo set up. then all of a sudden my combonly turns into a purple cannon and shoots like purple rockets or nukes which is what it looks like. The railguns get annoying since you cant put a damage+ on them or anything so i have only 6 and im still going at wave 300 with nuke combonly 6 railguns range+ and a big cluster bomb. I dont know how i did it. By the way this is on the hardest difficulty