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Monday, June 25, 2007

Tower Defense Updates

In case you missed it, both Onslaught and Desktop Tower Defense have gone through several updates and have officially released new versions.

They have both added new enemies and towers, while Onslaught added new maps.

The strategy for Desktop Tower Defense hasn't changed, much. The 'dark' creeps aren't all that challenging for the squirt towers, and the morph creeps are fun, but still not challenging. The biggest issue I still have is killing off the flyers. Let's just say you need at least four freeze towers, and you have to figure out what to do with the spawn creeps that come before them.

The new towers aren't all that exciting.

For Onslaught, the best new combo is the dark hole. Nice for clearing off the creeps that build up on later levels. But you still need to build up your nuke flowers to do some real damage.

Update: Since others were recommending the new towers to me, I figured I should go back and give it another try. It turns out that I do like one of the new towers, or should I say an upgraded tower. The bash tower has been upgraded to the point where it does some awesome damage (2000 points). But the squirt tower is still my tower of choice for most of my map (See image). I was able to score 7136 points. Not bad for hard.

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    your game sucks really hard....