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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Starshine Walkthrough

Starshine is a simple puzzle game. Try to aim your shooting star so that all of the stars light up. Easy? No. But there's a walkthrough below that will help you.

BTW, I did this using trial and error. Also, you will probably have to turn your speakers off after a few levels. The song, while nice enough at first, is just a continuous loop that moves into your brain and slowly drives you batty.

Play Starshine at armorgames.

I used positions of the clock to show where you want to lay down your shot. Not very precise, but it will get you close enough for those levels that drive you nuts.

Level 1: 12
Level 2: 10
Level 3: 5
Level 4: 10
Level 5: 4:30
Level 6: 9
Level 7: 10:30
Level 8: 11:30 or 11:45
Level 9: 9:30
Level 10: 4:30
Level 11: 6
Level 12: 3
Level 13: 7:30
Level 14: 7
Level 15: 5:30 or 5:45
Level 16: 6
Level 17: 5:30
Level 18: 6
Level 19: 2
Level 20: 9:30
Level 21: 8 <- oops.. should be 11:55
Level 22: 9:30
Level 23: 8
Level 24: 6:30
Level 25: 9:15
Level 26: 6:15
Level 27: 5:30
Level 28: 7:30
Level 29: 10:45
Level 30: 1:30
Level 31: 1:30
Level 32: 11:15
Level 33: 11
Level 34: 1:30
Level 35: 8 <- it's a smiley face :-)
Level 36: 11:30
Level 37: 11:30
Level 38: 7
Level 39: 8
Level 40: 9:15
Level 41: 1
Level 42: 7
Level 43: 3:30
Level 44: 8:30
Level 45: 8:15
Level 46: 5:30
Level 47: 1
Level 48: 8:50
Level 49: 4:45
Level 50: 10 <- Really need to be careful here. Just north of the closest star so that the reflection from said star hits the blue star on the far right.


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Stuck on level 10, I do not believe it's 4:30, can you verify?

  2. It looks like 4:30 or so to me. Your shooting star should hit the closest star. That star should have an arrow pointing straight to the left. It will topmost of the three stars grouped on the left.

  3. Anonymous12:10 PM

    So bizarre, I swear I've shot this damn thing about a thousand times, my buddy at work next to me is trying the same thing, we'll keep at it.. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Ok just got it by restarting at Armorgame website, I was previously playing at and it looks they stretched the game a bit, I guess making that spot nearly impossible to hit, strange how such a small fraction will hinder the gameplay.

    Must be the wrong dimensions, I work in video, not flash but I would assume that's the problem, check it out yourself..

  5. Anonymous12:54 AM

    use low quality trust me

    1. Anonymous12:43 AM

      i used tht nd i totally wrked thnx

  6. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I am stuck on level 10, I dont believe its 4:30...
    can you help?

  7. im on level 10 and im stuck because i
    dont know what the *uck 4:30 is

  8. See my comment on level 10 above.

  9. PEOPLE WHO ARE STUCK ON LEVEL 10 READ THIS: You have to go to settings from the menu and click on low quality, otherwise it won't work.

  10. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I'm on low quality, and it's not fcking working. D:<

  11. I'm not sure what to say about that. I went to addictinggames and played it there. Turning the quality down to low worked for me.

  12. Anonymous2:38 PM

    i'm stuck on 47. there is no way to pass it !!

  13. Definitely not easy to pinpoint where to place it on level 47. But it is close to 1 o'clock.

  14. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Sweet . i won !

  15. Ummmm...I can't get Level 15 to work. I'm not really sure that it's 5.

  16. I would say it's closer to 5:30 than 5. I'll have to switch that. The star should hit the closest star so that the ricochet heads NNW to hit the 'double' red star.

  17. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Can anyone help me with lvl 40
    I've taken a look at

    a million times but I can't seem to figure it out...I'VE EVEN MEASURED OUT THE DEGREES AND IT DIDN'T WORK. Plz help ;(

  18. That looks like the right spot. One thing you might try doing is turn the quality down to low. Otherwise, just keep trying and shifting your shot slightly.

  19. Anonymous10:43 PM

    With level 40. I had the same problem while on low quality. When I turned the quality to high I finally got it to work. I tried it on practically every tiny little notch on low and it wouldn't work. If anyone is stuck on 40, try high quality!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. got to 49 on high quality.

    stuck tho, cant get the last star on the left

  22. ssweetttt. beat it, thanks a bunch

  23. LibiuX9:19 AM

    crap ... lvl 40 doesn't work on low quality .. just on high

  24. Anonymous4:46 PM

    No way level 47 is 1 o' clock
    i keep missing the one star on top of the big cluster to the southewst

  25. Level 47. It's tricky, but you have to hit that burst start just right. If it's not 1, then it's 1:30.

  26. Anonymous11:08 AM

    stuck on 26 :/

  27. Level 26 should be around 6:15 or so. Some of these levels can be tough. You have to send your shot through at just the right spot.

  28. Anonymous12:23 PM

    i cant do level 8!! it hits all but far right one, and also i dont get the clock times thing :S

  29. Anonymous7:06 PM

    stuck on level 27 xP


  30. It can be so hard to find the right spot to shoot at. You could be off by just a little and it won't work. So frustrating!

  31. Anonymous7:12 PM

    i don get it!! how do u use da clok??

  32. what does 9:15 mean???? what do they mean???

  33. If you picture a 12 hour clock, then 12 would be straight up, 3 would be to the right, 6 would be straight down, and 9 would be to the left. 9:15 would then be up a little bit going to the left.

    Or, if you're more comfortable with the compass, 9:15 would be just slightly north of West.

    Hopefully that clears it up.

  34. #36 is more 12:00

  35. Im having issues with 42.

  36. ok, now im stuck on 43 xD

  37. im a winner :D

  38. Anonymous7:32 PM

    stuck on level 12, 3 doesn't seem to work |:

  39. Anonymous11:04 AM

    i am also stuck on level 12

  40. some of you people probually just cant tell time cause these all worked for me

  41. this website has pictures of what you need to do on each level...

  42. Anonymous6:51 PM

    hey im stuck on level 12....any help?

  43. Anonymous12:39 AM

    If you're stuck on 12, (or any other really finicky level) try adjusting the quality, or if that doesn't work, try adjusting the screen size. Or, if you can't, your computer might just not be capable. (I have a wide screen laptop, so it won't work for me)

  44. Anonymous1:05 PM

    stuck on 38 -.-

  45. Anonymous3:47 PM

    How can the quality and screen size effect the game?

  46. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Help me with level 12.. It's irritating when it won't work -.-

  47. Anonymous5:59 AM

    stuck on lvl 21
    help me plz ^^

  48. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I'm also stuck on level 21 and have been trying it for 3 days, I have also tried adjusting the quality but I still can't do it!! Please help!!

  49. Anonymous4:47 AM

    im stuck on level 21 i have ajusted the image quality and tried every picture and help site and they all say the same thing, its jst not working for me!

  50. shiver12:15 PM

    Mike you are right .. i tried lvl 40 again and again i used f11 method ,zoom in , until low quality and it worked :D yay thanx

  51. Anonymous6:39 PM

    help..... lvl 21 is really f#%$n me off ive tryed everything

  52. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I'm stuck on level 21 and 8 o'clock isn't working!

  53. Anonymous9:32 AM

    any1 have a spoiler???

  54. Looks like level 21 is wrong in the guide above. It should be 11:45 or so.

  55. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I got stuck so many times but i saw this site and i just powered through the levels
    it is awesome,easy and shows exactly where to click

  56. Anonymous5:17 AM

    if it doesnt work from the wesite try changing quality!!!

  57. I'm very stuck on level 50

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Level 21 is tough. Try adjusting the quality to low, that sometimes helps.

  60. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Level 12 doesn't work for me...I've tried many times and it always leaves 3 there an ithe solution??

  61. i`m stuck at level`s not realy working for me...

  62. lol.... so sweet game. just changing the quality does the trick - lol - i so lov it! thanks for all the help

  63. Anonymous9:42 PM

    help in lvl 10
    i can't pass to that lvl

  64. Anonymous9:56 PM

    can't pass lvl 14...
    can someone help me???pls

  65. Anonymous8:32 AM

    i can not pass level 40 and i tried level 40, is there anymore help i can get???

  66. Anonymous11:42 AM

    The advice for level 50 leaves 3 stars every single time. Did they change it or should I go to armorgames and not play this on a mirror site?

  67. Sometimes the level of detail needs to be cut down. It's really tough to get the right spot. You can try it on a different site.

  68. Anonymous10:14 PM

    How do you do time on this game without two hands?

  69. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Stuck on 50 D:

  70. Anonymous4:52 PM stuck on lvl 40 i have been hitting it in the same place...using walkthroughs but it wont

  71. Anonymous5:39 PM

    im stuck on level 23 ):

  72. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Anyone have any suggestions for level 49?

  73. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I'm stuck on level 40 :(

  74. Anonymous8:46 AM

    If you get stuck, right click and select "Play." It will screw up the stars but skip you to the next level. However, it won't save your "progress" until you've legitimately completed a level, so just follow the walkthrough for the next level and finish that stage (or the one after, if you click Play again, etc). You will know you legitimately completed a level when you get a little chime. This trick worked for me after I spent about 2 hours trying to beat stage 40. I also ended up skipping a couple of other stages this way.

  75. Kirrawrrrrrr8:55 AM

    Thanks so much; i won!

  76. i cant get lvl 42 i dont get wht u mean by clock wise

  77. Anonymous6:33 PM

    im stuck on level 43 ive changed the quality a million times and it wont work any help ? D:

  78. Anonymous8:23 AM

    lvl 40 is wrong, some1 fix it now

  79. Anonymous12:29 AM

    I can' get past lvl 10. I've tried everything. I play on meez, and I can't change the website because the only reason I'm playing it is to earn money on meez. I tried low quality, I've shot every star. I just can't do it! Help!

  80. Stick on 47 so hard; what do you mean by 1 ? ;[

  81. Anonymous1:09 AM

    im stuck on level 48...

  82. Anonymous2:40 PM

    ive been doing level 40 over nd over again! plz help!

  83. Anonymous8:16 PM

    LEVEL 45 !!?? helppp

  84. Anonymous8:59 AM

    help me, i stuck on lvl 14, it leaves just 2 purple stars and one red star.