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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Castle Wars

Castle WarsCastle Wars is a card game, similar to arcomage or magic. Your job is to build up your castle and/or destroy your opponents castle. You do so by attacking, building, casting spells, etc...

The graphics and sound are pretty basic, but the strategy is interesting. There is a chat and multiplayer is possible or you can play against the computer at beginner or advanced level.

Each round starts off by increasing your resources. There are three types: bricks, weapons and crystals. For every builder, soldier or magic you have, you get one of each resource. Then you play one card from your hand (eight cards are in your hand). That card costs X amount of resources. Any cards that you can play, i.e. you have enough resources to do so, will be highlighted. If you can't play a card, or if you choose not to, you will need to discard instead (hold the ctrl button and click on the card you wish to discard).

If you build your castle up to 100 or reduce your opponents castle to 0, you win the game.

Hints and Tips:
Build up your resources in the beginning rather than trying to attack or build up your own castle. I don't believe you can rush attack or be destroyed quickly enough to make it worthwhile. Instead, try to play the soldier, school, or magician cards early on. If you can, build up your crystal stores as much as you can.

The Curse card subtracts one from each category and adds one to each category and is extremely powerful. Think about it. If you are suddenly taking in 4 resources each round, while your opponent is limited to 1...

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