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Friday, May 18, 2007

Mindfields 2 - The Russian Tundra Walkthrough

MindfieldsMindfields 2: The Russion Tundra Walkthrough is a nice diversion. Although the soundtrack is awful and they really should have given you the option of turning it off, I still thought it was a good puzzle game.

Place various objects (turn signals, shooting squares, or transports) to guide your tank through each battlefield. You may have to eliminate some enemy tanks, time your way past some electrical fields, or just puzzle your way through a long path.

I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section in case you get stuck trying to make your way through the eighteen levels. Some were easy, others were really hard. But still fun.

Play Mindfields 2 at gamesheep.


  1. Locations are Top Left 1,1. Bottom Right of Map is 13,13

    Level 1: Shot at 8,7. transport at 11,7 and 1,7. Password:

    Level 2: Up at 5,4, transport at 5,3, down at 3,10. Password:

    Level 3: RightDown at 4,8; shot at 6,10, transport at 7,11. Password:

    Level 4: Shot at 8,6; left at 9,6; down at 5,6. Password: DRKE

    Level 5: Downright at 7,2; Downright at 5,9; Transport at 7,9. Password: BBL3

    Level 6: Right at 6,6; Shot at 5,7; upright at 11,7. Password:F34R

    Level 7: Transport at 7,4; Shot at 7,6; Shield at 7,9; transport at 7,13. Password:BLDD

    Level 8: upright at 3,11; shield at 4,10; shot at 8,4; downright at 2,4; shot at 3,5; shot at 4,6. Password:CGXX

    Level 9: right at 6,6; shot at 7,5; downleft at 9,3; down at 10,6; left at 10,11. Password:VVKR

    Level 10: up at 5,10; down at 6,2; down at 8,10; shot at 8,5; up at 8,13; downright at 8,2; downleft at 11,5. Password:VAK8

    Level 11: Left at 3,9; down at 9,2; upleft at 9,8; shield at 6,5; right at 5,4. Password:GYWL

    Level 12: transport at 3,3; transport at 3,7; right at 3,8; shield at 6,8. Password:PPTR
    Level 13: right at 4,7; transport at 4,8; shot at 5,7; downright at 8,7; left at 11,13. Password:FLYR

    Level 14: upleft at 9,7; downleft at 6,4; shot at 7,5; transport at 2,7; click on your tank when he stops on the x. You have to time it right to get past the electric gate (it worked for me if I waited until just after the gate shuts off). Password: BYTE

    Level 15: downleft at 4,2; shot at 3,3; right at 1,1; upright at 12,13. Password: WWZP

    Level 16: transport at 1,9; transport at 12,11; upleft at 7,11; down at 1,5; upleft at 12,13; right at 10,11. Password:D3AR

    Level 17: downleft at 12,8; shot at 11,9; transport at 9,2; downright at 11,3; upleft at 13,7. Password: FLL9

    Level 18: shot at 5,6; downright at 5,2; upleft at 8,13; downright at 9,8; downleft at 13,12; upleft at 12,13. Password: WP67

  2. level 13 doesnt work

  3. Looks like I messed up with level 13. Here's the correction: Right at 4,7, transport at 4,6, shot at 5,7, downright at 9,7 and left at 11,13.

  4. ciaran12:10 AM

    level 11 doesnt work

  5. ciaran? I just tested level 11 and it worked for me. Did you mean a different level?

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    level 11 works fine

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    No, that solution for level 11 definitely does not work.

    The shield turns off as the tank is rotating on the left facing arrow, and when it goes into the beam it blows up.

  8. The beams should be turned off when you pass through the transport.

    Level 11: Your tank starts off heading right. The down arrow (9,2) sends you down over the switch to turn the barrier off. You then head up-left (9,8) and get your shield (6,5). Turn right (5,4) to head through the transport (you are being shielded from the enemy tank). The transport sends you to the island. Do a 180 (left at 3,9) and get transported to the third transport spot. Continue forward and head for home.

  9. Anonymous3:43 PM

    All the levels work fine, but on about three there are some missplaced, and you have to think it over for a minute or two to get it in the right place.

  10. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Nope, sorry Mike, what mr. Anonymous from 3 posts ago says is right. You can't get past level 11. Maybe the game has been updated or something...?

  11. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Folks, I've solved the mystery. As I speculated in my previous post (yes, that was me) there ARE in fact multiple versions of the game (well, at least 2 that I know of)
    The version I was playing (and probably others who were stuck on level 11) is hosted on random-stuff.com and has a 'bad' version of the game (go see for yourself, all you non-believers :P). When I clicked on the gamesheep link, the turret is in a different place, making it possible to complete the dreaded level 11

    thank you and good night

    Please, no autographs

  12. Thank you very much anonymous. I had no idea there were a couple of different versions.

  13. ciaran11:55 PM

    level 17 doesnt work

  14. Anonymous5:42 PM

    for level 17 it should be transport at 8, 12, not 9, 2

  15. Anonymous8:07 AM

    on level 17 u forgot about the up right which at 10,8 cheerio

  16. Anonymous9:40 AM

    il quadro 18 l'unico difficile

  17. I have a faster way of beating level 13 :-)! Without using one block
    Right at 4,7, shot at 5,7, downright at 9,7 and transport at 1,6.

  18. And another trick for level 14:
    Level 14: upleft at 8,7; downleft at 5,6; I fired start and tank passed through energy field :-)

  19. Hattrick6:26 AM

    level 13 can be done using only 4 of the 5 abilities, for somebody who want an extra challenge.

  20. Anonymous10:31 AM

    levle 11 only works on game sheep.com the turets in a diferent spot

  21. Anonymous6:07 AM

    lv 18 dont work

  22. Anonymous5:07 PM

    lvl 18 - upleft at: 8,13 9,9 12,13
    downright at: 5,2 6,11
    downleft at 9,8
    shoot at 5,6

  23. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Level 11 doesn't work

  24. Anonymous6:38 AM

    thanks, had this for maths homework and was completley stuck on level 2!!!!!! omg thanks :)

  25. Anonymous11:26 AM

    We Need Walkthrougs