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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


luminaraLuminara is a clone of geometry wars, with all the eye-splitting fireworks that go along with it. The music is fun, the gameplay is simple, and the action is fierce.

You are circle in the midst of oncoming squares, triangles and circles. Use your mouse to aim and shoot (just hold the mouse button down) your enemies before they close in on you. Each attacker has their own style, from random movement up to charging right at you. Some will break apart and come at you in smaller pieces while others will work together to come after you. You can dodge using the arrow keys or the wasd keys.

As I said, the gameplay is simple, and there are only 50 levels to beat (they go very quickly). My second time through I beat the game and got 572,345 points. It's not very challenging, but served as a nice break (hint: try not to move around too much. Its too easy to lose track of your guy in the mess).

Play Luminara at armorgames.

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