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Monday, May 21, 2007

Potion Panic

Potion PanicPotion Panic is similar to other 'defend your castle' games in which your object is to defend yourself from the oncoming enemies. This time you're defending yourself from oncoming skeletons, spiders, slugs and later on some giants.

You defend yourself using various types of mixtures from the blue, red and yellow vats above you. Then you fire the concoction at your enemies by aiming and setting the power with your mouse. When your bomb lands, it will do damage based on what type of bomb you built.

The thing is, however, I found this game boring and so I kept getting diverted trying to do something different. Eventually, because I was distracted and not trying all that hard to kill off the charging enemies, my wall would fall and one of the spiders would get close enough to kill me off. What I like about the other defend your castle games is the ability to upgrade your 'castle' and eliminate yourself from the equation except for the really hard boss types. You can't do that here. Also, although I never got there, this game ends after x levels (it's either 30 or 42 depending on the source).

The only thing going for it is the experimentation you can do to try different methods of burning, exploding, poisoning etc... But really, it's not that fascinating. Try as I might, I can't get excited over killing the oncoming hordes using a poison shot rather than a fireball or an acid ball.

Various attempts at building something new and I came up with the following:
explosions: 2-1-1 or 13-9-4 works well. Does some nice damage and gets you through the first levels.
Poison: 1:2:2 (1-2-3 gives you a nice purple poison cloud and is effective for many levels. But doesn't work as well against the white skeletons or red spiders).
acid: 5-20-10 is effective against the witch because it sticks to her.
flames: 3-3-3: flames were the most effective for me, doing the most damage and was basically capable of killing anything with little fuss.

The more potion you use, the more you have to pay to replace it, which is why 1-2-3 works so well. You won't have to buy any more potion since it uses up so little. You'll be able to upgrade (I recommend the flames and the quick reload).

BTW, your wall gets fully healed in between rounds, so don't worry about the damage it takes. Unless it fully falls in which case set your cannon to fire 100-100-100 for full damage full spread fire. And don't miss.

Hint: Listen to the sound effects. You'll be able to tell what's about to come at you if you pay attention. That allows you to switch your mixture to whatever you feel is most effective. Also, you can buy potions and switch your mixture while the game is paused (space bar), so take advantage of that.

Play Potion Panic at ninjakiwi.

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  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Actually, there are just ratios for each type; 2:1:1= explosions, 1:2:1 is a good acid, and 1:1:1 is fire. As long as you follow that ratio, you can add as much potion as you need.