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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Flash Circle TD

Flash Circle TD is another Tower Defense game from the same creator of Flash Element TD. This time, the weapons are a lot more balanced, and the objective has changed. Before, you had to defend the castle from invasion. Now, your objective is just to keep the number of creeps down below a certain limit (100 in normal, 80 in hard). The graphics have improved and so has the sound. But the game has become too balanced.

The problem is the upgrades just aren't a lot of help. The game has become too balanced. Each upgrade gives your gun turrets the ability to do more damage, but since with each upgrade, your increase in damage goes down and the cost goes up, the increased range just doesn't help out more.

So, either make more level 0 turrets, or upgrade the ones you've got to get as far as you can. And unless you just build Fast Towers, it doesn't seem to matter which tower you choose to use. Whether splash towers coupled with slow to spread your damage around or damage towers with their massive amounts of damage per shot, as long as you have a couple of air towers in the center to take care of the flyers, you should get into the low 70's.

Play Flash Circle TD at candystand.

What's your best strategy?

Update: Tip: (or should I call it a walkthrough?) I was able to get to level 103, score of 2878 using the following strategy. Build 4 splash towers (then upgrade) in the upper (middle-ring, as opposed to the center and outer rings) right hand, with slow towers nearby. As the creeps come in on the right, click on the front creep to target him. As he falls back into the crowd, click on the next creep to come to the front, thereby bunching them up. This allows you to maximize the splash affect.

Build some slow towers on the left side, to automatically bunch up the creeps as they come in the left.

Once your four splash towers have been upgraded, build some more.

Also, build some air towers in the center to take care of the flyers as needed.

The only issue with this strategy is the massive amount of clicking you need to do. Fast creeps can ruin this, as well as too many flyers left circling around. They just get in the way.

Update Again
Flash Circle TD was updated to include interest payments. You get 5% back at the start of each wave for whatever money you have in the bank. You've also lost the ability to target creeps, so the above strategy no longer works.

Current Strategy: you should allow the creeps to build up as much as you can stand in order to take advantage of the interest payments. In other words, don't build more towers unless you need to. Build one fast tower, then let the creeps come. When you feel like you're about to be overrun, build a damage tower in the center block (along the edge). Let it go again. When you feel like you're in danger again, build another damage tower. Let the creeps keep coming. When needed, add an air tower. When you feel like it, upgrade. Repeat...

As long as you keep building up a money supply, you're interest payments will allow you to stay ahead of the creeps. By doing this, I put over $9 million in the bank on level 207. The hard part is not building at the beginning. If you're a gamer, your first response is to act, not wait. I assume I would still get overrun eventually, since I should run out of building space. But by level 150, if you're not bored, you need to get out more. ;-)


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Te la mamastes con la feria loco. 9 millones, nivel 207...

  2. Pretty impressive. When I get to level 200 or so, my machine gets really bogged down.

  3. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Nice update. It makes the game more strategic the first 100 levels or so. The interest aspect. But if you play tight you'll get more cash from interest than it's possible to spend. So from level 170-> it's just a lot of left-clicks to upgrade everything. Im playing level 262 now, and the only problem is the air creeps. Land creeps die before they reach the first corner...

  4. The hard level is still hard. But the normal level is just too easy.

  5. I found http://www.thegameworm.com/2007/05/06/warcraft-td-one-of-the-biggest-distraction-ever/ better than this one.

  6. That is a good tower defense game and I covered it here: Flash Element TD