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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sprout Walkthrough

Sprout is a beautiful new point and click puzzle game submitted to be part of JIGs new competition. Your mission is to help the seed to travel across the ocean, over hills and through deserts to get to the forest, where it's dream of becoming an acorn (actually, it's great-great-great grandchild can become an acorn) can come true.

While not difficult to figure out, I'll leave a walkthrough in the comments section for anyone who gets stuck. Each time your seed stops, you click on one of the choices presented. The seed will grow into that object, then deteriorate back into a seed. Just like a real seed you will need to have your fruit eaten in order to travel, other times, you can float on the air. Sometimes, you will get to learn a new trick (i.e. a new plant you can grow into).

All in all, a fun, short diversion.

Play sprout at fizzlebot.


  1. After the intro, click on the coconut to float across the sea.

    Learn how to become a dandelion, then click on the dandelion to float inland. Click on the Coconut to roll back down into the depression. Learn how to become a fruit bush.

    Choose dandelion to float back up. Choose fruit bush to attract the sheep. He'll go back to the top of the hill (thought you'd just get 'dropped' off on the other side, didn't you?). Choose dandelion and you'll get stuck on the back of the sheep. He'll carry you back home when he gets called in to his pen.

    If you want to, you can turn into a fruit tree to make your way into the desert and get fried. But you get stuck and have to float back, anyways. So, I'm going to skip that part.

    Choose dandelion (oh no! you're flying backwards!). Click on coconut. Note how you hit the dam? Repeat this process until the dam breaks. This will cause a river to flow into the desert. If you don't do this, you can't turn into a fruit tree in the desert, you just burn up.

    Now you can successfully turn yourself into a fruit tree in the desert. The bird flies down and eats you and 'drops' you off on the top of the cliff.

    Choose coconut to learn how to be a vine. Choose fruit tree. The bird on the left steals you away and puts you back at the top of the cliff. Choose vine to fling him away (Not exactly grateful for saving you from the desert?).

    Then choose coconut to float back over. Choose vine to climb up, then choose fruit tree to let the smaller bird to the right eat you.

    Choose coconut. Thought you'd make it across didn't you? You end up rolling back under the branch. Choose coconut to push the branch up. Then choose vine, then fruit to get back to the top of the hill. Choose coconut to fly across the water. Then choose acorn to win.

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    at the end, you can also choose dandelion to get back up to the top of the hill. Eh, it saves like a couple seconds. Or whatever. lol

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Aslo at the you win screen another acron drops after awhile and had a pinapple pic on it... O_O sequal?

  4. Anonymous4:09 PM

    And when i searched no sequal O_O what does the pineapple mean?

  5. At the start, wheres the coconut?

  6. At the start, the coconut's the ONLY option...

  7. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I like the game... Maybe it would be better with a sequel. A little too short for a game... lol... it wuz FUN!!!!

  8. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I loved the game!!! Very cute and inspiring! ^^ I hope they can make a second one! Hopefully a little more difficult :3

  9. Anonymous12:47 AM

    it was an ok game but was very hard and boring, great walkthrought but i rate the game 1/5

  10. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Good Game but......0_0 what does the pineapple mean o-0

    1. pineapple??? What pineapple

    2. the coconut on the bottom left of the tree falls and like the beginging of the game wants to be somthing but this time a pinnaple

  11. Anonymous4:00 PM

    i rate the game 5/5 loved it very challenging but sometimes what you need to do is a bit unclear