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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gateway II Walkthrough

Gateway IIGateway II is a great puzzle game submitted to JIG for their latest contest. Like the first Gateway, you need to solve the puzzles in order to move your robot character through the 3D world. While none of the puzzles are particularly tricky, it can take a while to figure anything out. I'll post a walkthrough in the comments below.

You can do the whole thing in a fairly short time. I liked Sprout better than Gateway II, and it seems JIG agrees with me. ;-)

Play Gateway II at one of the mirrors.


  1. Well it looks interesting, but it is not very hard. Neither did the first part.

  2. Head left through the first doorway. Go down the hall and open the door. Head through.

    In the bathroom, turn on the hot water to steam up the window. Note the code 7997. Use the code on the keypad below. Get the first tape. Pick up the mirror next to the sink. Exit. Laura (Yellow robot) is at the end of the hallway. She leaves. Try to leave the room. The eye appears. You need to blind the eye to get back to the tv room. Stand under the light and use the mirror to blind the eye.

    Back in the TV room, push the tape into the tv, transfer it and watch scenes 1 and 2 (keep hitting play to speed things along).

    Exit to the right. Turn the floor dark to get the door to the right to open.

    Move on to the next room. Grab the lighter and the newspaper on the table. Look at the pyramid painting and note the code 786.

    Open the dresser drawer to get the screwdriver. Place the newspaper under the door, then push the key out of the lock using the screwdriver. Pull the newspaper back in to get the key. Open the door with the key.

    In the darkness is a straight pathway. Try to click on the end of the path to light up the tape (not easy to find!).

    Take the tape back, turning the bridge to darkness on the way back.

    Watch the second tape. If you didn't before, make sure you ejected the first tape. It will be discarded since it's empty.

    Enter the third doorway. Look at the table on top of the stairway. Pick up the pen and draw on the bottom until the numbers show up. 86763454. Turn the light on and off three times to 'blink.'

    Use the phone number from the pad to dial. The next doorway will open.

    Use your lighter to set off hte sprinkler. Head on through and grab the tape.

    Eyes will look in. Open the fridge, then hide in the shadows behind it. The eyes will leave. Exit the room.

    Stand under the light and use the mirror with the sprinkler to make a prism. Note the color pattern: Blue, purple, yellow, green, red, orange. Use those on the alarm override next to the doorway.

    See laura again. Head right through and watch the third tape.

    Head through the fourth doorway. Look through the window. It's a torture room. You need two numbers to add up to 24 (12 and 12 for example). Type in 41 and 38 to get him to type in 79 (you may need to punish him to make him do it right). Then get him to sum up 163 (81,82). Head through the gateway.

    Look through the telescope, blink the lamp three times, then look through the telescope again. Pick up the phone. See the notepad. Type in 11223311 into the phonepad to open the door. Head on through.

    Notice the pyramid poster on the wall? It's time to use the code. Turn on the TV and change the channel to 7,8 and then 6. Grab the tape. Go all the way back. Laura is there. Click on her until she collapses.

    Watch the last tape. Pick up the wire, examine the girl and use the wire with the hole.

    Now punch in the correct order of the tapes so she can see them in the right order: 264379851

    Click on her to move through the final sequence. Follow her out the doorway to finish.

  3. Anonymous1:44 AM


  4. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Wow, seems like you had some deep rooted issues with your mom. Pretty sad story line, actually

  5. Definitely a sad story with some overwhelming teenage angst. Most of the time, I felt like I was in one of those movies from the 70's and 80's.

  6. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Wow.. both this one and the first one are awesome.. although i don't quite get the part with the math guy.. although her mother was a math teacher i don't get the point.. why would she imprison a guy and shock him when he messes up.. ? that's pretty sick i would say..

    1. Anonymous6:34 PM

      That was Mike I think his name was. Remember? He was the guy that she the girl met up with who the mother didn't like. The mother had kept her mind trapped in that place where she was constantly harming him. Does that make sense? :)

  7. Absolutely twisted at times. But, as long as kids aren't playing this game, I would have no problem with it. I think its a rather immature plot with teen angst issues.

  8. Anonymous4:57 PM

    ummm story line... can you say SK's Carrie! ..... ripoff.

  9. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Man that reminds me of my mother... scary!

  10. Anonymous2:50 PM

    i luv gateway, 2 was the best, but like reli hard! really touching!!!:P

  11. Anonymous8:24 PM

    its really sad, but fun.

  12. Anonymous9:49 AM

    To mike,
    thanks for the walkthrough it really helped me especially the alarm override.

    thanks sooooooo much
    p.s how did you figure it out?

  13. Lucy, I'm glad you found it useful. To be honest, this was long enough ago that I don't remember how I figured it out.

  14. whoa... dark as ****.

    very nicely done.

  15. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Really weird storyline
    not a big bombshell ending though, a bit rushed

    overall quite fun, and those eyes were a nice touch

  16. Anonymous12:57 AM

    that part with the eyes in the kitchen scarded the SHIT outta me!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Thanks for the walkthrough.its not hard but not impossible kinda hard.

    But i have cheated 3 times.
    1. the alarm override. hv no idea about the prism. I was thinking about the 2 red alarm blinking.heh

    2. when laura called. Im really not that brave, n i play it at 1.00am. With that scary music...i cant type the 11 at the end, just 112233....(excuse :P)

    3. Getting the last tape. I forgot the the code on the pyramid, i just remember 6,7,8. Gave up, then cheat.

    The eye pop out in the kitchen scare me. almost make me stop playing.

    how long did u take for finishing this game?


  19. Honestly? I don't remember how long it took me to work my way through. Some parts were tough and others were very easy.

    You're welcome. I know how frustrating it is to get stuck on one little bit that you just can't get past.

  20. Anonymous9:53 PM

    i thought it was going to turn into Carrie.... that would've been cool

  21. Anonymous7:52 PM

    this is the best yet sad story game that ive ever played

  22. Anonymous9:32 PM


  23. Anonymous9:46 AM

    i cant seem to blind the eye it cums up with the flash but the door dosent open

  24. Anonymous8:26 AM

    One of the most moving games that I have ever played. That music at the end made me cry!

    Thanks for the walkthrough Mike


    P.S When i saw those eyes i fell off my chair.

  25. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I'm stuck in the part where i have to blink the lights 3 times and the phone number, the door just wouldn't open an di have done as you said!!

  26. Anonymous5:06 PM

    i got stuck on the shock therapy... i thought the numbers 5 and 8 were significant and used the two in combination to get the third number 163 (with a buzz or two)... TOTALLY overcomplicated it.

    after that, the puzzles were easy, i just refered to the walkthrough on the video order on the last sequence because i didn't want to spend the time reordering them again (gateway 1 had a similar puzzle video reordering).

  27. Anonymous1:57 AM

    This game was kind of gay. Course, some people would say the graphics were pretty cool but I found them to be pretty poor compared to the graphics you see in flash based games today. I mean, not even a decent leg bending animation when climbing some stairs. Overral the graphics didn't meet my standards, but the detail certainly did.

    Few tricky parts, but most was easy which was good, but there was a nice balance of puzzles for everyone. The only bit I had any serious trouble with was the telephone, I didn't understand the scales and thus, found this walkthrough in order to crack it. Naturally a musically inclined player would of cracked it instantly. I aced the mathematical section (I know it wasn't that hard, but still) however some people would of needed to use a calculator. In the end a great balance like this is really what puzzle/adventure games are all about.

    If followed a plotline, as pointless as it seemed. It kind of reminded me of the Matrix..trapped inside some computer well as refusing to explain some key details such as why she was there, how she got there, what happened to Mike, and what happened to her mother. Sure, there's heavy emphasis on the fact her mother died, but it's never explained. She could of been put in a coma, she could of been moved to a hospital, she could of been abducted by aliens. It's not just that plot point that needs clearing up though, it's never explained who you are, and where you came from either.

    I'm just going to assume that the person you control is just a third dimensional display of your characters persona - just like in the Matrix. As such, the little grey block you play as is you, not some guy.


  28. Pottingmix10:02 PM

    It's a really sad story, and I get a bit scared around the middle. It was alot like a sci-fi soap..

  29. Absolutely twisted at times. But, as long as kids aren't playing this game, I would have no problem with it. I think its a rather immature plot with teen angst issues.

  30. Anonymous11:11 AM

    The eyes in the kitchen scared the living SHIT outta me but i figured you have to hide behind the fridge buut i was scared of shutting the kitchen that they might open again so i just left the room

  31. Anonymous7:03 PM

    um the phone dosent work for me the number wont dail!

  32. Anonymous10:14 AM

    lol i found that i had to pick up the phone and then dail the number!

  33. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I managed to get past the math part, but where do the numbers come from?