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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bubble Tanks

Bubble TanksBubble Tanks is an interesting idea. The graphics are really good for flash and the sound effects are decent. But without any real objectives or difficulty, it just isn't a lot of fun to keep playing.

Travel from bubble to bubble destroying all the other bubble tanks in each bubble. Pick up bubbles to power up. The bubble shield seems to be the final power-up(see the image). There are no bosses, although some tanks are bigger, and so take longer to destroy.

Suggested improvements include:

  • An objective. Traveling from bubble to bubble is fun to watch, but with no goal in mind, it's mindless.
  • Other/choice in upgrades would be nice. I happened to like the multiple shots, rather than the big shot. Also, since the other tanks get heat seekers, why don't I?
  • Some more difficulty. It wasn't that hard to kill everything. I was never in any danger. After I had traveled through 10 bubbles, I felt like I had seen it all.
  • A map. I managed to make it to the edge of the world, but I have no idea how many bubbles I had missed along the way.
  • Stats. This ties in with the whole objective thing. How many bubbles cleared? How many enemies? etc...

At the end of the day, I'm glad I saw this game. I enjoyed playing it once. I won't be back until there's improvements or a sequel.

Play Bubble Tanks at armorgames.


  1. craig4:02 PM

    i agree choice in upgrades are needed, although it kept me playing well over 30 mins!

    Just one thought thoug is the big shot with small shot final upgrade?

  2. As far as shooting goes, yes, that's the final upgrade. The last upgrade you get is the shield.

    There's a lot of potential with this game. And although I played it for a while, I'm not really tempted to go back and play again. There's no objective. There's no question in my mind about what's around the corner. There's no need to get to the next level.